Boredom and entertainment.

As I get older it seems that things aren’t as entertaining as they used to be. I really don’t get much joy out of most methods of entertainment. I still enjoy music and I’ll occasionally listen to the radio (That makes me sound old considering I don’t own a car.) Radio gets really repetitive after a while. I should probably read more.

Gaming and Games console in general seem to have gone to crap, there are few titles that I still play but most aren’t worth playing. I rarely play games on my pc and I’d sooner shoot myself in the face than play MMORPG’s. When an MMORPG my life is officially over The gaming industry went to shit a long time ago, now the generic games are Call of Duty: Grenade, grenade, grenade and various call of duty clone. I’m not into racing games or playing sport on a games console so my gaming is limited to the occasional RPG and Shooters. I found myself addicted to Fallout: New Vegas because it offers something different, I enjoyed it for a while but now playing it is torturous. I barely play games consoles as it is and I think I’ll be playing them a lot less.

My internet usage involves a few sites, male standards and all. I’ll look things up, read news articles. I read the guardian, daily mail and chicago tribune online. I used to visit sites for humor but they have definitely taken a dive of late. I’ll check for updates on the blogs I read, post here and check my email. I’ll check my Facebook for what it’s worth. I’m really starting to hate it. I don’t really have a good reason to hate it yet, it’s gotten to the point where I don’t really read any updates besides the 3 that actually matter to me. There’s either a distinct lack of decent sites to visit these days or I’m not looking in the right places. The internet is 90% pornography anyway.

I’ll watch TV sometimes. We got rid of a few channels a year or so back because we were paying for nothing. It seems as if we got rid of all the decent channels. I watch a few drama, by a few I mean like three. I’ll catch reruns of scrubs. My television watching has been largely uninteresting for a very long time usually its factual or comedy. In fact it’s a common complaint of mine that we have hundreds of channels and there’s nothing on. Most of the time I won’t even bother turning it on anymore.

I could smoke but it probably isn’t a good idea I could even drink but again not a good idea. I’ve noticed as I’ve gotten older that I have extremely poor tolerance of boredom. That’s really not a good thing. I could grab a doobie and watch television for hours if I were stoned but alas I’m not. There really isn’t much to do at all. Saying that, last week I watched a documentary about China and the surrounding area. The show focused on nature mainly. Since I was 6 I’ve enjoyed nature documentaries, mainly by David Attenborough. I especially loved his Blue planet series. This is an example of decent television. Not soaps like Eastenders, Big brother or Britain lacks talent.

I judge it as good tv because it made me think, I went away and researched more and more on the area and it kept me up reading articles on the net till 4am. I don’t sleep normally and I’m pretty happy to spend my night learning and reading up on my various curiosities. This leads me to believe that maybe, with proper use, I can be entertained by television and the internet. My book pile isn’t getting any smaller so if I find that there is no intellectually stimulating material on the television then I should really read.

I’m actually considering not watching tv at all if I can’t find more interesting documentaries because what’s the point of watching reruns of Family Guy?
It was funny in the beginning but now it’s very boring and extremely repetitive.
I need to use the internet and television properly. I find a little educational material far more rewarding than an hour of comedy that I’ve already seen. Unfortunately decent documentaries aren’t always on. I think I need to get Netflix.


2 Responses to “Boredom and entertainment.”

  1. If you’re into retro-style gaming, you should check out Terraria. Do a youtube search for “terraria 1.1 trailer” and be amazed

    • I’ll have a look but to be honest I doubt I’ll play it.
      An old friend of mine is heavily invested in Entropia Universe. These games look good sometimes but I can’t see myself playing them. My idea of retro gaming is Tenchu, Streets of rage, sonic and the like…

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