On getting a car.

I realize that at one point I’m going to need a car. Living where I do I’ve had no real reason to drive. A lot of my friends don’t drive either. Whenever I ask someone about cars  they will either recommend a functioning but unremarkable car or they’ll talk about top of the range vehicles that we both can’t afford and probably won’t ever be able to. I find these extremes slightly annoying. I had my heart set on one of these once.

My first choice of transportation was slightly more fun but on our roads riding a motorbike is pretty much suicide and an Aprilla 1000cc would quickly be stolen. For those reasons I opted for this instead of the bike:

For Capri Mk III

Ford capri mk.III

Not a bad car, distinctive gets you from A to B like it’s supposed too and doesn’t look like complete crap. If I were to want something pretty awesome, I’d pick this over a Ferrari, Porsche ect. Any time.


I’d actually prefer it with a proper roof but this was the only picture I had to hand. It’s a car I’ve always loved, I played a game you may remember called Driver when I was younger and the mustang in it had always been my favourite car. The actual model from the game was a 1973 mustang but I ended up just loving the model of car. Especially the older models. I played most of that series to date. Couldn’t tell you the last time I picked that game up.
As childish as it is, I still want that car.


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