Funny Image Macros Again!

Maybe I should make a category called shitposts for this kind of stuff. I hope the last lot made you laugh and if I didn’t then it’s pretty much your job to make it known. I think I’ve had a little writers block because I’ve been so busy, then again that should give me a lot more material to post. Some decent material anyway. Besides here’s some more.

ImageThis one is pretty low but you have to love the irony and it is also prophetic. On to the next one then…

ImageAnd this is why you never see me try out Omegle and stuff, this and the endless stream of penis on display. Never again…

ImageI’m not even sure why I find this funny.

ImageThis, from Another well known misanthropy blog regarding the occupy wall street protests. A funny and clever point made with this image. Something about his face too, he doesn’t not look amused.


 Now this is just creepy.

Unfortunately I couldn’t find a larger version of this image. It makes me laugh every time I look at it.

I was bored and this came up while searching images of the London riots recently. It caught me off guard.

This definitely describes my feelings on the PC-Mac situation.

Oh is it still too soon?
One more…

That’s all for now I hope these are slightly better than the last group.


5 Responses to “Funny Image Macros Again!”

  1. Based on some of your image choices, I can tell you’re not a regular at 4chan /b/. You should be. You’d fit right in, and have a lot of fun. And btw, stop apologizing for posts when you make them, there’s nothing wrong with posting funny pictures on your blog

    • I used to be a regular. Not going to lie here, I got very tired of it after a few years. There’s certain things about /b/ that I dislike with a passion. Lets be honest now it’s all cancer. I also checked out R9K but I’m not so familiar with perpetual virginity and misogyny. It used to be good for conversation but after the reboot it’s all misogyny and idiots whining about their problems without attempting to change anything.
      4chan took a dive a long time ago, I might check in to steal some images every now and then. Oh and I’m apologizing because I don’t consider image macros to be a decent post. Point taken though, if someone is enjoying it then it’ll be worth it. Did you ever catch Arguing with idiots on facebook?

    • And there I was thinking we’d have a long conversation about it…
      I was considering posting about 4chan but it isn’t something I like to advertise.

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