Muamba and the beginning of the end to free speech.

If you’re unaware by now then you probably live in a hole.  A football or soccer player for the team Bolton Wanderers went into cardiac arrest on the pitch, luckily he survived after being dead for a few minutes. This player’s name is Fabrice Muamba, idiots will be idiots and trolls will be trolls. The idiot in question is a university student who said some pretty harsh things. We all say harsh things but he was stupid enough to do it on Twitter. The idiot probably isn’t even a racist, it seems to me he was just being a bastard.

I heard the saying too many tweets make a twat, this man definitely said some raw things that I in no way agree with but did he really deserve prison. It’s funny how they could be lenient on violent criminals and yet jail a man for being a huge jerk. I read that the judge cited public outrage as a reason for jailing him. That’s bullshit to be honest. I’m pretty sure that judges shouldn’t be influenced or pressured into decisions by public opinion. Half of them were probably laughing anyway. I can’t believe he was stupid enough to use his name and main account.

Apparently he was jailed section under 4A of the Public Order Act.  Just read this and try to make sense of it. I get the basic idea but it’s extremely badly worded and ambiguous. A prime example of poor legislation. Which umbrellas a whole group of separate actions.
”no offence is committed where the words or behaviour are used, or the writing, sign or other visible representation is displayed, by a person inside a dwelling and the person who is harassed, alarmed or distressed is also inside that or another dwelling.”

So by this logic they’re arresting for causing some distress? He didn’t harass anyone with one comment per person. The only people who might be really distressed by this are Muamba’s family.  So they’re arresting him for being an asshole?
I wonder if a judge got caught up in a media storm, maybe some fans reported the tweets?
Either way none of that constitutes arresting the guy then sending him to prison. He should have gotten community service if that. I have the feeling he is going to feel the repercussions of his mistake for the rest of his life.

If they can arrest him for being an ass what else can they arrest you for, anything that distresses someone else?
I am one of the people who believe free speech extends to the internet no matter how ugly their quips and opinions may be. It’s really getting stupid here now. At the most the student should just get a slap. Around the head, not on the wrist.
How far does the power of this legislation go?
What other internet dumbfuckery could they arrest you for?

Muamba is okay now, the student is a dick but is going to suffer for a long time over this. How exactly can one be punished for their words? Even if they are vile ones. Is it worth destroying someone’s future over?
This country is still going to shit and this is another example right here. This man should never have been jailed. Even in a case where punishment called for he should have gotten a fine or community service.

I never cared for football much anyway,


2 Responses to “Muamba and the beginning of the end to free speech.”

  1. Stephanie Says:

    Good blog.
    The Public Order Act is a catch-all law which could be used to stifle political speech. As we can see from this case, it is wide open to abuse.

    A law that can take away our liberty merely for causing “distress” with our words, is a bad law.

  2. Hello, I have no idea why I never replied to you but thanks and that last sentence hit it spot on.

    Good comment, no really.

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