Regarding the garden.

It was finally finished last Thursday, I could finally start on the front yard and finish off for the housewarming party which I’ll inform you about soon. It’s been a long project but it has been worth it in terms of the exercise, the fact that it occupied my time and that it allowed me to calm down. It allowed me to do something productive. It was a hell of a lot of work but they were happy with it and so was I which made it worth it. That and the 30 kilos I’ve lost.

It’s finished and I’m happy for it. To be honest I was starting to get annoyed with it, it wasn’t just a garden but also a shit pit for the previous owners who buried or burned their refuse which is fucking annoying considering that the further you dig to level the ground the more waste you dig up, it’s inorganic so it cannot be used as fertilizer. The previous occupants were dirty bastards and I’m happy I never have to meet them because I don’t like them at the moment.

It’s done, giving me a little free time.
Much needed free time.


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