My biggest problem with people.

There’s one thing in this world that annoys me about people, it gets at me more than the stupidity, the egos, the hypocrisy and the more sinister side of humanity. It’s a simple thing really, so simple that anyone can do it. In reality we all do it up to a certain age before we learn about lying and the negative consequences that the absolute truth can bring to us.

I have never, in my entire life, understood this. I just don’t get why people beat around the bush. I wish people could be more straight forward in both words and actions. We complain constantly that we never get what we want but we aren’t prepared to tell people exactly what we want. We never make our intentions and wants completely clear for fear of some sort of negative outcome.

This fear is, in reality, quite idiotic. Actually it would be idiotic of me to call it a fear when it is more of a set of fears.
We might think we’re going to offend someone or worry about how we sound to others, as two small example. A lot of us fear going against the crowd when it comes to opinions. We seem to fear being set aside from the herd is some way. We fear losing that sense of safety, belonging or whatever you may call it. WE OVER THINK EVERYTHING. I realize coming from me this sounds a bit strange considering my history of over thinking. I have learned that sometimes it’s not good to over analyze and that doing so can make matters worse.

We want so much but we are afraid to ask for it, this is the one part of this whole subject that gets on my nerves. The second is that very few people will ever be completely honest with you. I come from a family where we are painfully honest with each other despite our feelings we value honesty. I know sounds like hell doesn’t it?
It’s not that bad, I can always expect the truth. I’d love that in other people too. People have told me I’m an asshole or whatever but it’s been because I’ve expressed my opinion or desire. I’d love people to be more direct. The whole sidestepping thing, I’m just not going to do it. Never did it before and I’m not going to start now.

I’d rather my opinion or want be clear to others around so nobody is confused as to the situation or my intentions.
It’d be wonderful to be able to expect that of others. It’s never going to happen though.


3 Responses to “My biggest problem with people.”

  1. I used to use my blog as an outlet for extreme honesty. And, it was attached to my real name. Now I’m dealing with a fact I didn’t realize before: I change, just like everyone… and now a lot of those “honest” posts I wrote are painfully embarassing. Since there’s hundreds of them, it’s taking a long time to weed them all out.

    Anyway, that might be part of it, people have the bad habit of thinking everybody else is etched in stone. So if you tell them about a problem or an eccentricity of yours… well, you know what they say: “you sweep floors your whole entire life, but as soon as you fuck just one single goat… you’re forever known as the goatfucker” Girls have this habit and it prevents them from enjoying great deals in the dating sphere: a girl could “buy low” a guy who is dorky and help him improve, but instead they all want to “buy high” the guys who are already all together. Academics have this habit, brushing aside the young and upcoming scientists as if their skills will forever be frozen at “naive new PhD” levels.

    “Fake it ’til you make it” is necessary because, even if you manage to make it without faking it first, everyone will still see you as the old person from before you made it…

    • Yeah so you made the mistake of posting your real name on the blog. I keep everyone seperate from this including myself at no point do I ever Identify myself or those mentioned in this blog. I try to keep my problems to myself. I see what you’re saying though. I’m sorted out in the dating sphere, our story is complicated as such but I’m accounted for in that area. Yeah again though I hear you. Then again I didn’t really care what people said or thought about me, I could always drop them, change my environment. I’m a lot more social than I used to be, people like my guitar playing. I’m still me however, they know they’ll get an honest opinion. If I’m playing guitar and just being myself I’m not just a douchebag. I become a douchebag with a guitar. People put way too much on the instrument. If I didn’t play it they wouldn’t be interested. I love my guitar but I fucking hate that. Oh and work, don’t get me started. I’ll end up doing something completely unrelated. I know sometimes we have to fake but I don’t do it anymore than I have too. I have a reputation for it and it doesn’t bother me. People’s opinions are already painted the only time it matters is with an employer.

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