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I’m not dead

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Just on vacation I’ll be posting soon.



hey you there!

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Yes my one Japanese reader. I see you there. I’d like to talk with you if you’re up to it. Don’t worry I’m not obsessed with your culture or anything. I just require your point of view considering language isn’t a barrier. Anyway leave me a comment. I’d love to hear your opinions.

100th post.

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The last post was my 100th post on this blog, things are really picking up around here. I’m hoping it stays that way.
I’ll have some more interesting posts under way very soon.

When she’s out of town

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Semi-relevant picture

Semi-relevant picture

For most people I know their woman going out-of-town to visit her folks or family is supposed to be some sort of golden opportunity. A time of drinking, porn or chess if board games are your thing. For me it has been pretty crap. Sure I had a good Thursday night but for the most part I didn’t enjoy it. I didn’t really do anything that I wouldn’t normally do. The only thing that really stood out from anything was her absence.
I guess I never realized until now how much I depend on her.

I’m not exactly sure whether that’s good or bad. I have bad friends, poor at best and abysmal at worst. So it isn’t like I have a good group of friends to fall back on in times of loneliness. It’s something like two or three to be honest with you it’s so bad that I don’t even bother counting anymore. Words to describe my friends: unreliable, undesirable, retard, annoying and mostly absent.

I realize that I depend on her not just as a partner but also as a best friend. I can vent when I’m annoyed, we can talk when I feel like crap, she is entertaining and I can actually have intelligent conversation with her that doesn’t involve this seasons hot new look or what’s in this issue of Vogue. I’ve missed simple things like that. Another thing I’ve really missed is her cooking. I mean damn I can cook an amazing meal but some of the things she’s cooked are something else.

I need her around a lot more than I first realized, not just the physical side but also the mental stimulation that very few people in my life can provide. The conversation is second to none and when she’s around I’m not just an asshole, I’m her asshole. Is it sad that I’m smiling while writing this?
Anyway I realized a lot this last week. I’m definitely not as immune to loneliness as I used to be and I know just how much I appreciate having her around. All in all not having her around has really sucked.


I was going to post something decent

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I couldn’t really think of anything…
I don’t even know why I bothered.

Thursday night moonlighting.

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My Thursday night was a little crazy to say the least. My best friend (probably my only true friend) decided to show up at my house at 11pm. You may think this is a little late for a weekday but my friend has the strangest work schedule. He works from 3pm until 11pm for the local authority. He cleans and is very well paid, surprisingly. It isn’t the most intellectually stimulating of jobs but it definitely lines his pockets. Anyway more about my night.

I have recently injured my foot so I have a limp and for some reason my calf was hurting badly, probably something to do with me constantly shifting my weight to avoid hurting myself. Earlier in the day I took some mild painkillers to deal with it. That was probably a mistake seeing as my friend decides to show up with Desperados and other beer. We usually get together to drink and discuss various goings on. My woman was out-of-town, she headed down to St. Louis Missouri with the family to see her aunt. So I was totally free.

We discussed our guitar playing, our ‘friends’ and plans for the near future getting more and more drunk all the while. Between talking and dicking around on Facebook we consumed quite a lot of beer. It was now around 2am and we were thinking of calling it quits. I don’t know if it was the fact that I was intoxicated or that I’d been extremely bored of late but I decided why not head out to the only 24hr gas station/ liquor store that I knew of. So we headed out into the early morning air to grab the next few rounds.

We’d started on a pretty strong beer called Stella Artois or ‘the only good thing to come out of Belgium besides chocolate.’
I have an irrational hatred of Belgium but that’s for another time. We finally reached the store where there was a line of around 3 people. A friendly yet skanky looking woman who was probably a hooker, a random black guy looking to buy talk time and a man who had just finished shift and was looking for the same thing as we were. The gas station didn’t sell talk time and the friendly hooker was quick to leave, this leaves the one guy who asked the middle eastern clerk for some Red Stripe Jamaican beer. This clerk either had very bad english or was completely retarded because he brought over some random Dutch beer and two cans of Australian beer.

It was all good fun trying to direct this idiot to what we wanted but after a while he began to hurt my skull so my friend asked politely to be let into the store so he could get exactly what he wanted. After I stepped back and he removed his hood the clerk allowed him into the store, watching, ultra paranoid the whole time. We finally got our stuff and left for my place. Upon returning we sat down and opened our Budweiser, I chose buds because I didn’t want to be too wasted and I had an appointment in the morning. After drinking four more of those things got real interesting.

I posted a generic Facebook status, I know my bad right?
The status sparked an inquiry by my woman’s mother that had me defending my position in her daughter’s life. Maybe I took the inquiry wrong because I was drunk, who knows.
I also decided to apologise for a previous wrong in which communications were mixed and I ended up taking someones head off over something they never said. After the brain racking from her mother and the apology I felt I’d made everything right. I then get a call from my woman asking me if I’m drunk which I handle very well, we talk for another hour and she falls asleep.

We continue drinking, planning and talking until we realise it’s 4am and I begin to realise how wasted I actually am. My friend offered to buy us breakfast at a local cafe, we started with a cheese burger and energy drinks while we waited for our fried breakfast and coffee. I drank more caffeine than I thought possible even pouring red bull into coffee. I drank so many energy drinks it isn’t even funny. I have a caffeine problem. We ate, read the news papers and talked to the cafe owner from 6am until about 7am then returned home to my place. At one point my friend was so wasted he mistook the Turkish flag for the crescent moon of Islam.

We headed back to my place and began to listen to the radio way too loudly for 7.30am. I think I even played guitar in the garden. My friend had to head back to his place for a change of clothes and I lay there on the couch falling asleep until he returned with some more energy drinks. We waited until it was time then left. We got to the bus stop to travel a few miles down the road and sat mostly silent on the bus until I realised that I had forgotten an important document. It turned out to be a non issue since I could talk my way around not having it. The appointment was swiftly over and we went to the bank in order to deposit some money.

While in the bank I caught the news and weather. The news kind of angered me, the government seriously believes that by removing branding people aren’t going to smoke?
It’s the same as when they put a 30pence tax on them to stop kids from smoking, it just isn’t going to happen. If these kids want the cigarettes I’m sure they’ll find an extra 30pence. If people want to smoke they’re going to do so. The government needs to stop raising taxes under the guise of helping people. It sickens me.

We left again for home where we had coffee and talked until it was 12.30pm and I needed to sleep, my friend had to go to work at 3pm so we said goodbye and split. I finally got into bed when one of my cats decided she wanted to be friendly and annoy the crap out of my, fighting me for space until 1.30pm. When I finally got to sleep my other friend shows up at my place and I pretty much just go back to bed because I didn’t have the energy to talk. At 2pm I finally slept. Exhausted from that long, long night.

That was one hell of a night, the best night in a while.
This post would have been a lot better with photos.

Boredom and entertainment.

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As I get older it seems that things aren’t as entertaining as they used to be. I really don’t get much joy out of most methods of entertainment. I still enjoy music and I’ll occasionally listen to the radio (That makes me sound old considering I don’t own a car.) Radio gets really repetitive after a while. I should probably read more.

Gaming and Games console in general seem to have gone to crap, there are few titles that I still play but most aren’t worth playing. I rarely play games on my pc and I’d sooner shoot myself in the face than play MMORPG’s. When an MMORPG my life is officially over The gaming industry went to shit a long time ago, now the generic games are Call of Duty: Grenade, grenade, grenade and various call of duty clone. I’m not into racing games or playing sport on a games console so my gaming is limited to the occasional RPG and Shooters. I found myself addicted to Fallout: New Vegas because it offers something different, I enjoyed it for a while but now playing it is torturous. I barely play games consoles as it is and I think I’ll be playing them a lot less.

My internet usage involves a few sites, male standards and all. I’ll look things up, read news articles. I read the guardian, daily mail and chicago tribune online. I used to visit sites for humor but they have definitely taken a dive of late. I’ll check for updates on the blogs I read, post here and check my email. I’ll check my Facebook for what it’s worth. I’m really starting to hate it. I don’t really have a good reason to hate it yet, it’s gotten to the point where I don’t really read any updates besides the 3 that actually matter to me. There’s either a distinct lack of decent sites to visit these days or I’m not looking in the right places. The internet is 90% pornography anyway.

I’ll watch TV sometimes. We got rid of a few channels a year or so back because we were paying for nothing. It seems as if we got rid of all the decent channels. I watch a few drama, by a few I mean like three. I’ll catch reruns of scrubs. My television watching has been largely uninteresting for a very long time usually its factual or comedy. In fact it’s a common complaint of mine that we have hundreds of channels and there’s nothing on. Most of the time I won’t even bother turning it on anymore.

I could smoke but it probably isn’t a good idea I could even drink but again not a good idea. I’ve noticed as I’ve gotten older that I have extremely poor tolerance of boredom. That’s really not a good thing. I could grab a doobie and watch television for hours if I were stoned but alas I’m not. There really isn’t much to do at all. Saying that, last week I watched a documentary about China and the surrounding area. The show focused on nature mainly. Since I was 6 I’ve enjoyed nature documentaries, mainly by David Attenborough. I especially loved his Blue planet series. This is an example of decent television. Not soaps like Eastenders, Big brother or Britain lacks talent.

I judge it as good tv because it made me think, I went away and researched more and more on the area and it kept me up reading articles on the net till 4am. I don’t sleep normally and I’m pretty happy to spend my night learning and reading up on my various curiosities. This leads me to believe that maybe, with proper use, I can be entertained by television and the internet. My book pile isn’t getting any smaller so if I find that there is no intellectually stimulating material on the television then I should really read.

I’m actually considering not watching tv at all if I can’t find more interesting documentaries because what’s the point of watching reruns of Family Guy?
It was funny in the beginning but now it’s very boring and extremely repetitive.
I need to use the internet and television properly. I find a little educational material far more rewarding than an hour of comedy that I’ve already seen. Unfortunately decent documentaries aren’t always on. I think I need to get Netflix.