I’ve never really been one for cell phones. A combination of not really needing one and not really wanting one. The idea of anyone being able to contact me at any time of day sickens me a little. I guess I’m slowly crawling out of the stone age. Finished the last mural and I’m heading further into the world. I’m leaving the plateau, I ended up getting a blackberry curve. The idea of BBM is kind of new to me but most of the people I need to contact have Blackberries. I wouldn’t mind an Iphone but I don’t really like the idea of overpaying for their services or being a pretentious Iphone owner. Let’s be honest all they do is talk about their phone. It’s boring and nobody cares. So I’ll have a working cell for the first time in several years. This could be fun or annoying. I’ll let you know as soon as I know.


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