I found some peace.

Things are better now with me and my woman, which is great, we just dropped it all in the end. I decided it was kind of a dumb thing to fight over. So everything is okay with that now. I’m planning some big things and on top of that I’m helping some friends with their garden.

It’s quite big and was a total mess before the initial clean up and the gardening. There’s also some landscaping to be done. The garden was a dumping groud/ shit hole to start with. The owner has a lot of demands. We removed a water feature and it’s tank in the ground beneath it. I’m breaking a cemented stone pole in the ground with masonry hammers and it is a bastard. Mainly I did this for the exercise.

It’s a hell of a lot of work but it’s outside, it gets me away from people for a while, allows me to be creative and fit. For some reason I come back physically exhausted after 9 hours but I feel really good afterwards. Don’t get me wrong I ache like shit from removing huge granite boulders all day, brick work and slabbing but I feel good.

All the removal, clean up and mowing and prep has been done but this is going to go on for a while. I’ll be pretty fit by the end of it. I don’t know why I feel so good after grafting all day in the sun but it’s nice to come home, eat, relax and do whatever I want. The work makes me feel good. It doesn’t involve a lot of mental work but I can be creative which is nice. I enjoy gardening really. I have decent experience of growing vegetables, peppers, herbs and all sorts of things.

It had to be ready for their family party and we got a lot done in 9 hours, the front garden needs to be done but it’s nothing really. That stone post running the length of the garden is my enemy. I don’t have a proper pneumatic drill so I used a masonry hammer pick and one of the granite boulders to get it cracked. These granite boulders are the bastards. Probably more than I should lift alone but they worked to get into it.

I had to dig into the ground for a few feet deep to get to it, tried to shovels under it to lift it to no avail. The thing is cemented and completely pointless. Took me an hour to break into a section so I could start breaking it apart. It’s the hardest stone ever and supported by concrete so you can imagine.
I will have that thing out soon, then some more cleaning and the front garden. Then landscaping and planting. It takes a while to see the fruits of these labors.

It’s really helped me relax in a strange way. I feel good maybe it’s the exercise or maybe it’s because I found a short-term goal with a purpose. Whatever it is I’m sure it is good for me and in the future it could be just another way to make money, an alternative. I could maybe make money from it as a hobby. I have the knowledge, experience and know the science. It’s a possibility.

I don’t know what it is that made me feel so good but I feel quite rested, no worries and everything is good. I ache like a bitch but everything is as it should be. Don’t get me wrong people and current events still annoy the crap out of me but I can ignore it.


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