Checking In and other wonderful news.

I know I promised you riveting details of my train wreck of a personal life and I will deliver eventually. I’ve had writers block, life block and every other block known to man. Until this morning when I woke and said “Fuck Today.”
On my way out for my weekly interrogation I noticed that the local authority was cutting funds, probably needed for an olympic sized waste of money. Of all things to cut they decided to go with the Library. The locals have taken their sights away from dealing drugs and stealing cars to prepare for the annual book burning.

I mean it’s laughable to think that anyone from here would pick up any book other than a shitty Martina Cole crime novel. I say this because our local shop started selling books, fiction mostly. The shop is a small run-down council estate place, so it surprises me even more that they are selling books.
After investigation I found that a woman had a surplus of books and offered to sell them through the shop in return for paying the shop keeper an amount of money from their sale.

They had a few decent Agatha Christie novels but other than that there were a few sub-par crime fiction novels. I’m actually waiting to see if any get sold. My sister brought a few novels, she’s quite well read, either way her contribution doesn’t count.

If all of these books are purchased then I will have a glimmer of hope for the place I live in.


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