Sunday: The worst day of the week.

Sunday is a long day, there is no escaping from it. The worst part of Sunday is that there is absolutely nothing to do. It has purpose for some, it is the day of rest or the day they go to church but for me it is a day of nothing.
Nobody ever has any money on a Sunday and therefore will not want to do anything even in the unlikely event that an opportunity arises. The only good things about Sunday are the roast dinner and the fact that you can sleep it away. When I’m with my woman we do things, be it going somewhere or just spending time together but a Sunday alone is the worst thing in the world. I sit, I eat, I talk then I go to bed. I really do hate the pointlessness of it all.
I hate Sunday with everything in me, I understand people hate Monday but at least Monday has some sort of end goal. The day in itself is tediously boring, no matter what I do I’m reminded that it’s a Sunday and there’s no escaping that. I’ve tried many methods to alleviate Sunday boredom and nothing seems to work. I wish I could just fast forward through it. The only effective method thus far is to screw the day away unfortunately that option isn’t always available or practical.

Any suggestions on how to spend Sunday?


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