Ain’t that something…

It seems I have four followers, I just wanted to thank them for following and ask them a quick question.

What is it that makes you follow this blog, what is interesting about it?


6 Responses to “Ain’t that something…”

  1. I liked your post on happiness and stupidity. somewhat cynical but different way of looking at things and I may not fully agree with happiness being stupidity but its had a ring of truth…Keep posting.:D

  2. Damned if I can remember why I followed you initially or how I even found out about you. But I like your posts, you’re not a bad writer at all. Hmmmmmmm, now that I think about it, I probably followed you because based on the theme, this is a place one might expect to find outside-the-lines wisdom, like the misanthrope at

    • Thanks for the comment, I always wondered wether my writing style was a bit erratic. Outside the lines wisdom is what I do, i might be cynical but if that means i’m right 90% of time it can’t be a bad thing. I’ll check out that other blog. Thanks again.

  3. happiness can mean different thing to different people is what i think for example yourself so not all needs to be stupid…it has lot of gray area when you think of it nevertheless love your writing 😀

  4. forgive my grammar lol i am half asleep 😀

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