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A short message.

Posted in Uncategorized on February 20, 2012 by MISANTHROPIST

I’m not dead or anything, I do however have a lot going on right now which I may choose to disclose.
I will post some new material soon. I noticed the ratings took a drop then realized I hadn’t written anything in weeks. I’m in a crazy place right now. Can’t wait to relax properly again, be alone with
my woman and just relax. That’d be nice.
I just posted to say that it’s not dead here and I’ve been pretty lazy with this.


A promise to my readers…

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I will re-read my posts and edit the mistakes caused by my own stupidity and the auto-correct that seems to enjoy raping my sentences.


Ain’t that something…

Posted in Uncategorized on February 5, 2012 by MISANTHROPIST

It seems I have four followers, I just wanted to thank them for following and ask them a quick question.

What is it that makes you follow this blog, what is interesting about it?

On happiness and stupidity

Posted in Misanthropy, People, Relationships on February 5, 2012 by MISANTHROPIST

I’ve always maintained that happiness equals stupidity. I saw people revel in their own happiness when I was miserable and couldn’t help but pick it apart maliciously while asking myself why I didn’t deserve that kind of happiness.

The thing that has stayed with me is that people act strangely when they are in love, they get complacent when they are completely contented with their work life etcetera. These days I’m a lot happier than I was then and I find that I am becoming more stupid as time goes by. I hate that feeling. The happiness and stupidity formulae dictates that the happier you are the more idiotic you become. I must be so happy because I feel like a retard.

Maybe it’s because my brain isn’t stimulated like it used to be, in the past I’d have more to do, puzzles to solve, things to figure out and now it seems as my brain is going to mush. perhaps I’ll have to read more philosophy to get me thinking. The main reason I started playing guitar was to alleviate boredom during my time spent back home.

Why does happiness cause stupidity?
I wonder if it’s because we become so contented with one thing and our current circumstances that we are less likely to explore other avenues. In relationships it’s probably because we think less of ourselves and more of our other. We are eager to please them and sometimes go out of our way to do so. Once precedence is set for such actions we continue in this pattern. I think happiness causes us to think less. For some it means that we act more than we think which can be good but for myself it seems to have an auto pilot quality to it. Maybe I’ve only just had a moment to contemplate my own situation.

I see happy couples and straight away I notice the dominant personality. I notice that they do anything to keep equilibrium and harmony within the relationship. They’ll go out of their way, do things they don’t want to do and one thing happens in the end; Their lives and their relationships fall into monotony if they don’t disintegrate altogether. It’s sad to be honest. I do not want that monotony because if it’s stupidity and monotony then what’s the point?

I love my woman but I don’t love this stupid feeling. It feels like my brain entered screen saver mode and somebody just moved the mouse a little. It feels to me like bad times are on the horizon, I want to be prepared and have a plan so I’m not like a deer in the headlights. I need to add something interesting to my routine soon, challenge myself or I don’t know how I’ll make it through the next few months. This would have been a much better post but my brain is deep-fried at the moment.


Why I’m taking a break from drinking.

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I enjoy alcohol, maybe too much. In Britain we have a culture of avoiding the depression that comes with living on a bleak little island by drinking ourselves into oblivion. It seems to work for most including myself.

On my recent trip to America I gained some weight, that plus the christmas pounds does not look good for my general health. I have to lose some soon. Anyway, regarding the alcohol, for some reason it’s just not doing it anymore. I find myself not enjoying the act of drinking or being drunk.

Honestly it sucks but it’s probably for the best that I take a long break from drinking. Especially seeing as I’m not even enjoying it anymore. From this Monday my drinking cessation shall begin.

Sunday: The worst day of the week.

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Sunday is a long day, there is no escaping from it. The worst part of Sunday is that there is absolutely nothing to do. It has purpose for some, it is the day of rest or the day they go to church but for me it is a day of nothing.
Nobody ever has any money on a Sunday and therefore will not want to do anything even in the unlikely event that an opportunity arises. The only good things about Sunday are the roast dinner and the fact that you can sleep it away. When I’m with my woman we do things, be it going somewhere or just spending time together but a Sunday alone is the worst thing in the world. I sit, I eat, I talk then I go to bed. I really do hate the pointlessness of it all.
I hate Sunday with everything in me, I understand people hate Monday but at least Monday has some sort of end goal. The day in itself is tediously boring, no matter what I do I’m reminded that it’s a Sunday and there’s no escaping that. I’ve tried many methods to alleviate Sunday boredom and nothing seems to work. I wish I could just fast forward through it. The only effective method thus far is to screw the day away unfortunately that option isn’t always available or practical.

Any suggestions on how to spend Sunday?