This isn’t a new year’s post, this is just a tribute.

Let me level with you here, I am pretty wasted. I was having a private celebration or rather a continuation of the new year’s celebrations. I am celebrating for another reason, I seem to suddenly semi-popular with a very marginal audience. I received a summary email telling me my stats from this year. I really shouldn’t have another but I probably will. We have had 7,200 viewers in our first year. Thanks to all.

This year we seem to have had interest from every major continent, how, I have no idea. It seems people are a big problem everywhere.

For some reason that stumble upon post is the most popular on my blog. That kind of annoys me. If I’m wrong challenge me. I am up for debate.

Stave at Entropia has provided a Lot of traffic. I read up on Entropia Universe. Thanks for linking me, maybe some people there enjoy my writings.

Then we have to give thanks to the author of the blog misanthropy today for inspiring me and providing me with other traffic. You guys came second.

Then we have yahoo at third, I’m wonder why that is but can’t be bothered to investigate.

Then we have WordPress. I do not know how this happened, I wonder if my writing is somewhat popular.

apparently I have visitors of mostly American, Canadian and British origins. This is one of few things that doesn’t surprise me. I have a few decent commenters. This blog has come a long way in the short time it has been operational. It still annoys the crap out of me that the stumble upon post is the most viewed.

Anyways, it’s been a good year, thanks to all of my readers. I’d like to see some changes in 2012.


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