Switching to rolling tobacco was an awesome idea.

Here are a few reasons that switching to rolling tobacco was a good idea.

1. It saved me money.

2. It smokes faster saving time.

3. People are less likely to attempt to bum smokes from me, which is always good.

4. If they do manage to get one then they have to roll it adding to the inconvenience of bumming smokes from me.

5. If I want more alone time I can roll a cigarette as big as I want it, smoke breaks are also known as alone time.

6. I seem to get more of a nicotine hit from rolling tobacco. I’d like to know if there’s any science to back up my theory.

7. They go infinitely further than a 20 pack.

I do miss normal cigarettes but I’d recommend going to rolling tobacco if you are short on cash or for whatever reason. The smoke shops are fun too, cigars, unusual brands of cigarettes, supplies and you get to laugh at the pot heads who can’t string a sentence together, as a bonus you get to wonder how the hell they drove there.


2 Responses to “Switching to rolling tobacco was an awesome idea.”

  1. You really ought to post a more detailed article on this, for an audience who doesn’t already know what rolling tobacco is. Am I right in assuming it means you have actual tobacco leaves and you smoke them like one would smoke a joint? Cuz if so, that’s something I’ve been thinking about, I never started smoking because I don’t like the shit tobacco companies add to their cigs, but if it were easy and convenient to use tobacco like marijuana, I’d definitely be up for that

  2. Well you are right I should have been a little more detailed in my post, by rolling tobacco I mean shredded tobacco leaves sold loosely. You roll it in papers and add a filter. Sort of similar to a joint.
    I love smoking but I’d recommend you don’t start if you managed to avoid it thus far, I am cutting down, I’d like to stop at one point soon.
    It is definitely cheaper, it goes further but it can be inconvenient sometimes. You may want to roll a few before you leave. They definitely smoke faster too.

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