Misanthropy is cool now?

I don’t know why but I seem to have climbed the social ladder here and at home. I worked pretty hard to isolate myself over the years, hence why nobody from school has heard a word about me for 6 years and why I keep denying my girlfriends request to finally become embroiled in the clusterfuck that is Facebook.

What exactly would I say if I had a Facebook. Occupation: transatlantic drifter, misanthrope, asshole. Try to add me: I didn’t like you then and I still don’t. Location: America or England, you decide. My status updates would cause shit, I’d probably get checked into AA or something. Facebook probably won’t fare well for me as a misanthrope.

In America I assume it’s because I’m exotic and they find my drinking and smoking somewhat different to what they are used to. I can’t believe none of them have ever been to a rave before. Back home maybe it’s the guitar and misanthropic charm. I really don’t know. Everyone seems to love my opinions on people and insight which is actually realistic cynicism. Suddenly I’m invited out more and everyone wants to know me. I find it strange and annoying.

I seem to have become more sociable too now, which is beginning to worry me. In school I was a ghost and now I’m suddenly the man of the hour it is taking some getting used to. I’m more popular than I have ever been for no reason at all. Maybe people perceive me as interesting now, to me I’m exactly the same as I was in highschool just with less pot. Oh and too all you naysayers I passed with flying colors.

No matter how sociable I become I will still hate most people I meet. I will still try to avoid being sociable at all costs. Honestly, I only posted this because I am kinda bewildered that people find me that likable.



3 Responses to “Misanthropy is cool now?”

  1. Congratulations, you’re getting older and beginning to experience the flipside to unequal gender aging.

  2. Maybe so but people who never gave a fuck suddenly want to be friendsies and it annoys the crap out of me. People annoy the crap out of me in general though.

  3. Oh and its nice to have some decent comments. Thanks.

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