To you

I have a lot to thank you for, I don’t even know where to begin. I know I sound like I broken record but it’s our favorite song and you’ll hear it for the rest of our lives. Some people would call me an idiot, including myself 7 years ago but I’m that sure and I always have been.

I have to thank you for staying because as a kid I was an asshole, I’m still an asshole but I have my priorities in place and in the world you are the one person that doesn’t deserve it. You stayed with me all these years and I don’t know how I can ever repay you except for staying with you forever. I plan on it, I mean seriously why the fuck would I want or need anyone else. They will never be you.

Truth is I need you and I always have even when I didn’t know it, I disappeared for a while due to various reasons but I was convinced I was no good for you and I was wrong. I never found anyone else and I never looked. It remains my only regret. I plan to make up for it and I think I’ve done a pretty god job so far.

You made it in, nobody else could. At one point in time I lost all feeling. I was completely devoid of emotion and you brought me back to life as such. You made me feel. As sappy as its sounds it is true and I am eternally grateful for it. You loved me no matter what and got me through the hardest time in my life. If it happened all again I’d find you and we would find a way.

You love me unconditionally in a way I never though possible and I thank you for it, I never believed in luck but our meeting was really one in a million and I’m so lucky and thankful for it. We made a connection and it’s for life. Nothing can change that. I never believed in giving my heart fully to anybody but you built trust that I never knew existed.

I remember the days when I knew something was wrong and you wouldn’t tell me so we’d play 21 questions and I’d deduce what was wrong. Thank you for trusting me, though things sucked back then I kept my promise. I always said I’d come and take you away, every day we get closer. I made things better for you and for us. This is my proudest achievement. Nothing else matters to me. The world could end tomorrow as long as I am with you I don’t care.

Nothing will ever matter more than you. Not my work, my life or anything. You are and have always been my primary concern, this never changes. You may worry that you did something wrong but allow me to assure you that you never did wrong or steered me wrong and I love you. This will never ever change.

You and this place are amazing. I never want to go. It’s perfect here and you are perfect. I can’t ask for anything else. I know you are concerned about my health and I’m an idiot considering my knowledge, I drink, I smoke, I am a little overweight and such. Your cooking is amazing and that’s where the pounds came from. I always promised it, so now it’s about time I’m going to quit smoking, for you and me.

I never saw myself wanting a wife and a family but I do. I want our children to grow up intelligent and well informed. I want you, I want to grow old with you and I want to die with you, preferably before you because I couldn’t handle losing you. It’s the only thing I couldn’t handle. I love you. Always.
I need you, I love you. You are the only thing in this world I could never hate.

Thank you, for everything…


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