The sick kitty.

Today someone very close to said kitty told me that maybe she had some sort of brain damage, she did have a drop in blood pressure which could have damaged her organs including her brain but I think her reluctance to sit with her is psychological and she associates her with the hospital.
Plus the patient is my favorite kitty to snuggle with, yes I am a sucker for animals. Unlike people they don’t pretend to be anything more than they are.

For these reasons I feel compelled to help her.
I’m pretty sure it is IMHA which is immune mediated hemolytic anemia, all the tests carried out so far plus symptoms seem to confirm this bear in mind that I am diagnosing kitty based on my observations, knowledge and the vets results. After all the testing they have only found IMHA and they don’t even know it for sure, I am sure however. I believe that the IMHA is only a symptom, she has showed improvement but that is probably due to the steroids they gave her.

Her blood cell count has only reduced by 1 so far since the transfusion. It could be idiopathic but that is another word for ‘we have no idea.’
She has 70% of the symptoms not including the jaundice which is optional and doesn’t always present which leads me to believe that it probably isn’t a cancer, neoplasia. I initially believed it couldn’t be liver cancer but maybe it’s early stage.

I’m currently looking at:
– Autoimmune hemolytic anemia.
– Systemic lupus erythematosus
– Neoplasia. Spleen or liver.
– there is still a very small chance of feline leukemia but looking at the symptoms I doubt that.

She fits the profile of liver cancer except for the optional jaundice. She also fits Hemangiosarcoma except for the mass, maybe that is because they haven’t found it/ it is very small. Her spleen is enlarged so they should look there though they haven’t mentioned much about the X-rays. It could be a rare case of non aggressive cancer or even one that doesn’t metastasize but messes with the function of the liver or spleen.

It seems as if I have more of an idea than the vet, they sent her home with steroids and antibiotics. In my view and the vets there’s no way this is an infection, if this is a parasite I’m confident they would have caught it.
Either way I hope we can do something for her.

If it is autoimmune hemolytic anemia, which seems very likely, and they cannot manage it they’ll have to remove her spleen and her treatment will be lifelong. Anything is better than cancer. Besides chemo for cats is kinda useless the remission rates are low and survival is not more than a year at best. I feel terrible for saying it but I hope it is autoimmune related as the blood tests seem to indicate.

Maybe I’m an optimist, which I’m not, but I’m going for autoimmune related anemia or lupus. I seriously hope it isn’t cancer, no living thing deserves that.


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