Dr. Conrad Murray, MJ and the question of a fair trial.

Now this is something that has concerned me since it began, I have some legal background enough to know what the hell I’m talking about and this whole trial is just wrong.

Dr. Conrad Murray was convicted of involuntary manslaughter recently, personally I believe that I am the least biased individual in this entire fiasco. I am not a Jackson fan, nor do I particularly care for Mr Murray who is an idiot at worst but I don’t believe he is a murderer. By act or omission.

Let’s look at some facts. Jackson was a drug addict, if Murray had not administered the drugs micheal may have acquired them from somewhere else and self medicated ending in the same result as drug addicts are usually idiots. Evidence indicates Jackson had substance abuse issues.

The drug itself propofol is used as a sedative prior to anesthesia, in Jackson’s case it was administered to help induce sleep. It is sometimes called milk of amnesia, Murray’s medical reasoning was pretty sound, the only thing he failed to do was adequately monitor his patient. It was even argued that Jackson had administered the fatal dose when Murray was absent. What went on that night we will most likely never know.

Now on to the jury, the jury in this case was pretty diverse, we have the issue of bias here. You either loved Jackson or hated him, a little like marmite. Either way it is impossible not to know who Jackson is, you’d have to live in a damn cave for your whole life not to know. This brings us to the issue of a fair trial, in the case of Jackson was a fair trial for Murray even possible. I do not think so. Humans are inherently biased in one way or another, Jackson was so well known that fans would have hated Murray for taking away their talented yet slightly crazy king of pop. This case was biased one way or another before it even began.

The judge would have also been under pressure to deliver a guilty verdict by Jackson’s fans and family, it puts him in an extremely difficult position and unfortunately for Murray there is not defense for bias on that scale. I believe the trial was nowhere near fair. Even Jackson’s mother knew the outcome. We don’t claim to be psychics but I and, I bet, even you knew the outcome of this trial.

A question to you:
If this were anyone else, say your average joe, would this doctor even be on trial?
I think not.

An even more sickening thing for me is that the prosecution used images of Jackson’s grieving children in order to sway the dury. This trial as much as the life of Micheal Jackson was a performance meant to move the audience and not doubt images of Jackson’s grief stricken children moved the jury as it would any human.

What does this say about the fairness of trial, in special circumstances like this should a jury even be used?
In this case a dury is completely redundant. The prosecution said that Murray’s motive was financial and that his ignored better medical judgement but how can this be so if he was never payed. Murray himself said he had tried to ween Jackson off propofol for fear he was becoming addicted to it. He had mentioned that Jackson was given a small dose.

Maximum 4 years in prison and loss of his medical license may seem small but when one considers that his lively hood has been destroyed and he may face discrimination for his entire life for killing Jackson when nobody knows the truth it is quite a price to pay. It is clear that justice is not blind in this day and age. It is quite sad really. If I had faith in humanity I may have lost it today.



2 Responses to “Dr. Conrad Murray, MJ and the question of a fair trial.”

  1. I totally agree with the writer. Jackson had major issues with drug addiction and was suffering acute withdrawal from demerol at the time of his death. There was no way that Jackson could have fulfilled his contact with AEG and hold on to his addiction. One had to go. The winner was obviously his addiction. It seems as though this trial was being used to paint Jackson as the victim of an unscrupulous doctor and blind people from the fact that Jackson was essentially the mastermind of his demise

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