The iPad

Despite what you may think of apple and it’s tactics one must agree that the Late Steve Jobs was a genius, this is most evident in the iPhone and the iPad, which I am currently posting from. It took me about five minutes to get the hang of this thing, it’s great to post from and generally to browse on. Don’t get me wrong for work and important stuff Gates and his PC win hands down, this thing just doesn’t haVe the storage capacity and let’s be honest the Mac is a steaming pile of crap unless your using it for media.

I do not own a cell but I’m definitely considering an iPhone it has pretty much everything I need on it, I’m also going to invest in an iPad at one point in time. I require a job beforehand however. Maybe it is time for me to stop being a Luddite?
Before I get said cellphone I must devise a plan to stop idiots from getting my number because the kind of people I know will call at 2am and if that happens I may be inclined to purchase some sharp objects and gasoline/ matches in order to kill said person.

It looks like a great investment at this point in time, I’d recommend one of these. It is definitely on the table.


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