Mountain dew, energy drinks and my caffeine addiction.

I have to admit that I have a problem with caffeine, I love my energy drinks. I am awake at night a lot, sleep is for dead people and such.

It began with boost which I enjoyed throughout college, it got me up in the morning. Sour as hell and a complete kick in the ass, worked wonders. I then graduated to pro plus pills which are okay but I love my energy drinks for the taste. I also drank a few off brand energy drinks which were shite, after that it was monster which barely did anything for me but I liked the taste more than anything.

During this time I experimented with Mary Jane and caffeine just seemed nice, kept me functional. For a long while nothing compared to coffee. I love coffee to this day my favorite being Colombian. I’ve been through all sorts of coffee even over priced Starbucks which I like just because of the flavor. Nothing goes better than a cigarette and coffee in the morning. Don’t believe any of the crap about fresh coffee it doesn’t matter since the caffeine is useless until the bean is roasted.

On my first trip to America I discovered mountain dew, along with other drinks but the dew remained my favorite. I honestly believed nothing was better than coffee but mountain dew is the perfect balance of flavor and caffeine. I never looked back. After returning to England I couldn’t find it anywhere then they started selling it and so our love affair continued.

I wouldn’t say I need caffeine but it helps a lot, I consume it every day sometimes in excess. I have a problem but damn mountain dew is so good. Another thing to thank America for. I can’t see me ever giving up caffeine but I should insider reducing my intake.


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