Justin bieber and the state of music

You may have noticed I’ve been banging out a lot of posts lately and I wonder if this even warrants mentioning. Usually I’d let it slide but I watch tv for the first time since I landed on Us soil and what do I see? None other than Justin bieber!

It began with me sitting my ass on the recliner with her folks watching sub standard crap known as dancing with the stars. I can tolerate their bad choice in tv as they’re great people that have fed, housed and generally looked after me but what came next caused me to burn with a rage that not even a Vicodin overdose could stop.

I saw before me a prepubescent justin bibber and I didn’t know what was more sickening, what he was doing to music or the fact that people calling themselves adults were enjoying this crap. Now I’m expecting a small army of angry tweens with pitchforks and flaming torches to attempt to boycott my blog.

Without risking sounding gay, maybe we should occupy Bieber for what he is doing to music or at least the record label. I wonder is he a good thing as he makes us appreciate good music or just sets the standard for bad music?
I recently heard him say something about judging him by his music and not malicious rumors, in that case he is still screwed.

I love music myself. Nirvana, Queens of the stone age, Foo fighters, The rolling stones, velvet underground, Kings of leon, Dean Martin and various artists and genres but seriously does this even qualify as music, it is more like annoying sound.

I mean does he think he is Michael Jackson, too bad because he is dead and I hated him too. One thing I have to give MJ is that despite his faults he was phenomenally talented. JB will never come close to MJ unless he dies drug addled in similar circumstances. Does he think he is Timberlake, too bad again because he is just a new age Jackson who again has some degree of talent and creativity. Bieber may never say never but I certainly will.

What does the rise of this kid say about popular music, is it getting worse or are kids just getting more dumber?
I can say one thing thank god I don’t listen to the radio, I’m getting a motorcycle in order to avoid it all together and thank jobs in heaven for the iPod.


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