Update 2

Everything went well today was at the hospital from 7am until about 12.55pm she came out all morphined up. Fun times they also gave her some Vicodin syrup so I imagine she’s going to be quite amusing for the next week or so. Kitty cat is showing improvement. Getting some McDonald’s now.

I had and extremely crazy idea last night if the problem is her immune system killing her blood cells and stopping bone marrow producing new blood cells I could experimentally infect kitty with a weakened form of feline h.i.v in order to severely weaken her immune system which would stop it from attacking her blood cells, with transfusions this could buy her a few more months maybe potentially cure her. Damn it I need a lab. Of course I run the risk of destroying her immune system completely which would mean kitty in a bubble but it would be worth a shot. Either way it has a good chance of working. Damn it I want to save this cat.

I mean f.i.v can’t be so bad when you compare it to a painful leukemia related death or an auto immune problem which will eventually kill her anyway. So yeah my woman is fine, her kitty is showing improvements. I guess all I can do is keep an eye on her.


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