An update for anyone wondering

I am back in the USA to experience the holiday season American style, I always wondered if it would be better here and now I’m about to find out.

I must say that Halloween was slightly disappointing, hopefully the rest will make up for it. Firstly I’d like to thank my airline for helping me avoid the crap that I had to suffer the last time, I got to see Iceland and Greenland which was pretty cool and damn I missed white castle, Wendy’s and mountain dew oh and those little Marlboro cigarettes that I love so much.

Now for the not so fun part a certain kitty that I know has come down with a real nasty disease she is 10 and has just been given a likely diagnosis of a very rare form of leukemia. It is called acute Erythroleukemia. The ing that sucks the most is that very little is known about it so treatment options are limited.

We have a few options here, we can put her through painful and possibly pointless chemotherapy which cats have not been known to respond well too or we can give her palliative care and make her as comfortable as possible which seems to be the best option as she has suffered various tests for about a week.

The only way to get a definitive answer is to send her bone marrow samples off to California which we don’t really have time for so we’re going to treat her and see if she responds to prednisolone (a corticosteroid) and some buprenorphine for the pain. We’re also giving her antibiotics to stave off anything she may have picked up from having an IV in her jugular. Now on the off chance that it isn’t leukemia and an auto immune disease this should manage her symptoms and give kitty a better quality of life. Either way her marrow isn’t producing red blood cells and her body is eating up existing ones. Poor girls spleen is enlarged, there is bleeding and abdominal effusion.

To be honest we want to do all we can for her but if it comes to it putting her to rest may be the best thing, don’t want her suffering more than is necessary. Hopefully she responds to treatment and if worst comes to worst we have. A little time to say goodbye.

So yeah, this has been my past few weeks, other than that planning for the trip and such. Thanks to anyone still reading I thought you deserved and update. To add to all this fun tomorrow we have a tonsil and adenoidectomy to attend then a little after care so I’ll be busy doing nothing. I’ll find some more to write.

Now they are telling us that kitty does not have leukemia and they want to send kitty cats samples to North Carolina for further tests. She is showing some improvement. Could be auto immune, not good news but anything is better than cancer.


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