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A quick one.

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Why is it that the majority of views on my blog are related to the stumble upon post? I wonder if these stumblers actually look at anything else on here. Views are views can’t complain really.


Another update

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Sadly, it turns out it was cancer and kitty passed this evening surrounded by her loved ones. Its sad but at least she is not suffering any more. She was a beautiful cat and will be missed by all. She’s resting now.
Sweet dreams my snuggle buddy.

To you

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I have a lot to thank you for, I don’t even know where to begin. I know I sound like I broken record but it’s our favorite song and you’ll hear it for the rest of our lives. Some people would call me an idiot, including myself 7 years ago but I’m that sure and I always have been.

I have to thank you for staying because as a kid I was an asshole, I’m still an asshole but I have my priorities in place and in the world you are the one person that doesn’t deserve it. You stayed with me all these years and I don’t know how I can ever repay you except for staying with you forever. I plan on it, I mean seriously why the fuck would I want or need anyone else. They will never be you.

Truth is I need you and I always have even when I didn’t know it, I disappeared for a while due to various reasons but I was convinced I was no good for you and I was wrong. I never found anyone else and I never looked. It remains my only regret. I plan to make up for it and I think I’ve done a pretty god job so far.

You made it in, nobody else could. At one point in time I lost all feeling. I was completely devoid of emotion and you brought me back to life as such. You made me feel. As sappy as its sounds it is true and I am eternally grateful for it. You loved me no matter what and got me through the hardest time in my life. If it happened all again I’d find you and we would find a way.

You love me unconditionally in a way I never though possible and I thank you for it, I never believed in luck but our meeting was really one in a million and I’m so lucky and thankful for it. We made a connection and it’s for life. Nothing can change that. I never believed in giving my heart fully to anybody but you built trust that I never knew existed.

I remember the days when I knew something was wrong and you wouldn’t tell me so we’d play 21 questions and I’d deduce what was wrong. Thank you for trusting me, though things sucked back then I kept my promise. I always said I’d come and take you away, every day we get closer. I made things better for you and for us. This is my proudest achievement. Nothing else matters to me. The world could end tomorrow as long as I am with you I don’t care.

Nothing will ever matter more than you. Not my work, my life or anything. You are and have always been my primary concern, this never changes. You may worry that you did something wrong but allow me to assure you that you never did wrong or steered me wrong and I love you. This will never ever change.

You and this place are amazing. I never want to go. It’s perfect here and you are perfect. I can’t ask for anything else. I know you are concerned about my health and I’m an idiot considering my knowledge, I drink, I smoke, I am a little overweight and such. Your cooking is amazing and that’s where the pounds came from. I always promised it, so now it’s about time I’m going to quit smoking, for you and me.

I never saw myself wanting a wife and a family but I do. I want our children to grow up intelligent and well informed. I want you, I want to grow old with you and I want to die with you, preferably before you because I couldn’t handle losing you. It’s the only thing I couldn’t handle. I love you. Always.
I need you, I love you. You are the only thing in this world I could never hate.

Thank you, for everything…

The sick kitty.

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Today someone very close to said kitty told me that maybe she had some sort of brain damage, she did have a drop in blood pressure which could have damaged her organs including her brain but I think her reluctance to sit with her is psychological and she associates her with the hospital.
Plus the patient is my favorite kitty to snuggle with, yes I am a sucker for animals. Unlike people they don’t pretend to be anything more than they are.

For these reasons I feel compelled to help her.
I’m pretty sure it is IMHA which is immune mediated hemolytic anemia, all the tests carried out so far plus symptoms seem to confirm this bear in mind that I am diagnosing kitty based on my observations, knowledge and the vets results. After all the testing they have only found IMHA and they don’t even know it for sure, I am sure however. I believe that the IMHA is only a symptom, she has showed improvement but that is probably due to the steroids they gave her.

Her blood cell count has only reduced by 1 so far since the transfusion. It could be idiopathic but that is another word for ‘we have no idea.’
She has 70% of the symptoms not including the jaundice which is optional and doesn’t always present which leads me to believe that it probably isn’t a cancer, neoplasia. I initially believed it couldn’t be liver cancer but maybe it’s early stage.

I’m currently looking at:
– Autoimmune hemolytic anemia.
– Systemic lupus erythematosus
– Neoplasia. Spleen or liver.
– there is still a very small chance of feline leukemia but looking at the symptoms I doubt that.

She fits the profile of liver cancer except for the optional jaundice. She also fits Hemangiosarcoma except for the mass, maybe that is because they haven’t found it/ it is very small. Her spleen is enlarged so they should look there though they haven’t mentioned much about the X-rays. It could be a rare case of non aggressive cancer or even one that doesn’t metastasize but messes with the function of the liver or spleen.

It seems as if I have more of an idea than the vet, they sent her home with steroids and antibiotics. In my view and the vets there’s no way this is an infection, if this is a parasite I’m confident they would have caught it.
Either way I hope we can do something for her.

If it is autoimmune hemolytic anemia, which seems very likely, and they cannot manage it they’ll have to remove her spleen and her treatment will be lifelong. Anything is better than cancer. Besides chemo for cats is kinda useless the remission rates are low and survival is not more than a year at best. I feel terrible for saying it but I hope it is autoimmune related as the blood tests seem to indicate.

Maybe I’m an optimist, which I’m not, but I’m going for autoimmune related anemia or lupus. I seriously hope it isn’t cancer, no living thing deserves that.

Dr. Conrad Murray, MJ and the question of a fair trial.

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Now this is something that has concerned me since it began, I have some legal background enough to know what the hell I’m talking about and this whole trial is just wrong.

Dr. Conrad Murray was convicted of involuntary manslaughter recently, personally I believe that I am the least biased individual in this entire fiasco. I am not a Jackson fan, nor do I particularly care for Mr Murray who is an idiot at worst but I don’t believe he is a murderer. By act or omission.

Let’s look at some facts. Jackson was a drug addict, if Murray had not administered the drugs micheal may have acquired them from somewhere else and self medicated ending in the same result as drug addicts are usually idiots. Evidence indicates Jackson had substance abuse issues.

The drug itself propofol is used as a sedative prior to anesthesia, in Jackson’s case it was administered to help induce sleep. It is sometimes called milk of amnesia, Murray’s medical reasoning was pretty sound, the only thing he failed to do was adequately monitor his patient. It was even argued that Jackson had administered the fatal dose when Murray was absent. What went on that night we will most likely never know.

Now on to the jury, the jury in this case was pretty diverse, we have the issue of bias here. You either loved Jackson or hated him, a little like marmite. Either way it is impossible not to know who Jackson is, you’d have to live in a damn cave for your whole life not to know. This brings us to the issue of a fair trial, in the case of Jackson was a fair trial for Murray even possible. I do not think so. Humans are inherently biased in one way or another, Jackson was so well known that fans would have hated Murray for taking away their talented yet slightly crazy king of pop. This case was biased one way or another before it even began.

The judge would have also been under pressure to deliver a guilty verdict by Jackson’s fans and family, it puts him in an extremely difficult position and unfortunately for Murray there is not defense for bias on that scale. I believe the trial was nowhere near fair. Even Jackson’s mother knew the outcome. We don’t claim to be psychics but I and, I bet, even you knew the outcome of this trial.

A question to you:
If this were anyone else, say your average joe, would this doctor even be on trial?
I think not.

An even more sickening thing for me is that the prosecution used images of Jackson’s grieving children in order to sway the dury. This trial as much as the life of Micheal Jackson was a performance meant to move the audience and not doubt images of Jackson’s grief stricken children moved the jury as it would any human.

What does this say about the fairness of trial, in special circumstances like this should a jury even be used?
In this case a dury is completely redundant. The prosecution said that Murray’s motive was financial and that his ignored better medical judgement but how can this be so if he was never payed. Murray himself said he had tried to ween Jackson off propofol for fear he was becoming addicted to it. He had mentioned that Jackson was given a small dose.

Maximum 4 years in prison and loss of his medical license may seem small but when one considers that his lively hood has been destroyed and he may face discrimination for his entire life for killing Jackson when nobody knows the truth it is quite a price to pay. It is clear that justice is not blind in this day and age. It is quite sad really. If I had faith in humanity I may have lost it today.


Occupy wall street is idiotic.

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I find myself asking what would Patrick Bateman do?
Getting handy with a fire axe comes to mind.

I have already read another great post about how this movement is just plain stupid, written by a Mr Andy Fox whom highlights some very accurate points about this whole “movement.”

My gripe with these asses is somewhat more personal. I look at them and after posing the Bateman question I think to myself what exactly are they hoping to achieve?
With no leaders or clearly defined goals it is just another group of idiots raging against the machine. It was accurately described as hippie bullshit, even the hippies had clearly defined goals. We should give the hippies a little more credit as they at least garner enough intelligence to have a end goal.

All I can say is that the 1% are laughing their asses off at these morons. Why is it that people cannot take responsibility for their own bad choices?

It’s all to easy to blame those who are more successful than ourselves for our own mistakes instead of getting off our asses and doing something to change it. If you are part of the 99% and thinking what should/ can I do then the answer is the thing you least want to do. Get off your ass, get a job or a second job, quit complaining, quit spending like a moron and pay off your student loans, stop applying to useless degrees and become more self sufficient. Take responsibility for your own decisions and actions.

If these protesters are the future then we are most definitely screwed. The so called 99% are just idiots. That isn’t to say there aren’t people out there in dire need of help but the majority of these people are wasters, they should be studying or working. Stats say that only 13% are unemployed with nothing better to do so why are the rest on the band wagon.

I am unemployed presently, I have nothing and you don’t hear me bitching or asking the 1% whom mostly earned every penny they have to redistribute their wealth to lazy asses or even myself who might be deserving of a little cash. What exactly makes these people think they are entitled to that money?
They are not, that is the really sad part. If they want to tax the rich more then let them I’m sure a little tax increase isn’t going to put them out of pocket too much.

They hope to start a revolution, somebody has been watching too much V for vendetta and completely missed the point. Since they are raging against the machine and someone threw around the word revolution of course Tom Morello had to jump on the bandwagon, I like some of his music but he is exactly that a musician and not a politician, getting in on something like this makes him look like a douche who craves the limelight. Oh and of course media whore Kanye West jumped right on the bandwagon.

Yes, bankers salaries are huge, they do an important job however their salaries should be cut and if they don’t like it I’m sure we can find another few hundred guys willing to work harder for less. Their boots would be filled in seconds. I know one thing, sitting on your asses doesn’t change anything and a revolution is not going to happen. The idealist bullshit these people are swallowing or have swallowed makes me gag.

I get that there is a huge void between rich and poor it has always been like this and it is this way for a reason. Anyone can become rich with brains, willpower, investment but unfortunately we don’t all have these things. It just isn’t going to happen. Get over it.

“Demands cannot reflect inevitable success. Demands imply condition, and we will never stop. Demands cannot reflect the time scale that we are working with.”
I smell something, I think it’s bullshit. This is the sort of crap I’d pull at school when a teacher caught me off guard during a lesson where I hadn’t listened to a word of it. It sounds intelligent and like an answer when in effect it means nothing, it is bullshit for lack of a better phrase. There will be no success. I’m so hoping this winter will be minus ten and all these idiots will go home to their parents, back to work, college or whatever. I’m just waiting for them to stop delaying the inevitable and go home empty handed as predicted. I know I’m a psychic or something right!

For many of them I’m sure this is just and excuse to cause trouble, everybody knows what happened in Oakland California. I wonder if it will all degenerate into this over time. The idiocy of human kind sickens me even more when I found out this bullshit spread globally. I mean if you really want to achieve something take it to the government, petition, they probably won’t do anything anyway so either way this is all pointless. This is why I am apolitical because politics doesn’t work for the people and it hasn’t since it left its birthplace in ancient Greece.

These people are so retarded that they shout down with the corporations why they use Sony camcorders, apple phones etcetera. They hate the corporations yet use them as vital tools for their movement, even Facebook is a damn corporation. At least the hippies still had brain cells between bong rips and acid tabs. The irony here is so sweet I could stir it into my coffee in the morning. They’re so angry they made signs!

What they really need is to occupy jobs or decent degrees. I think I’ll stick to occupying my home and laughing at these morons, don’t get me wrong it is a sad laugh. A sad laugh at these sad people.

I am not a percentile and I think you’re all morons.

Let me know…

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I ask because I recently came upon another misanthropy blog with the same theme and for some reason this bothered me enough to ask you guys for your opinion.