Music that hurts.

It’s no mistake to say these days are the best and worst days of my life. When I’m feeling like crap, which seems to be pretty often these days I enjoy listening to some depressing music. I’m guilty of this one. I don’t know why. It solves nothing and makes you feel like crap but it also makes you feel better.
So here’s the list:

Johnny Cash- Hurt.

  • I love and hate this song. It’s much better than the NIN original and the only song to ever physically make me want to cry.

    Jeff Buckley- Hallelujah

  • There’s just something about this song that makes it better than all other versions.

    Queens of the stoneage- Long slow goodbye.

  • I love this song, though it hurts to listen to. Go through a break up and hear this.

    Nirvana- You know you’re right.

  • All those times you knew you were right, this song kind of reminds me to trust my instincts and never forget the pain I’ve been through.

    I’m pretty sure I’ll add more to this, even so these songs are depressing but amazing in their own right.


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