I’m seriously considering changing my surname.


I’ve been extremely bored of late, the kind of bored when you have a big plan, one which requires you to be patient before it comes to fruition. The waiting has left me more irritable than usual. People are annoying me with more ease than ever before. I guess I’m just stressed. I’ve taken to TV to ease the boredom and it just isn’t working. That’s all besides the point.

In a short break between arguments that i’d been having I sat down in a long moment of silence and began to watch James Bond. It’s old but I’ve liked it ever since I could remember. It wasted an hour or more which is good when you’ve got absolutely nothing to do. Just lately people are constantly asking me questions and to do things for them. Usually things that have little to no benefit for me and things that I cannot be bothered to do.

The particular Bond movie I had been watching was the first to be adapted from a set of novels, none of which I’ve read. Still reading my philosophy and focusing on the aforementioned list I set for myself.
The movie is titled Dr.No, the antagonist named Julius No (pictured above) aims to destroy the world or something. I know you’re not interested. If you are the look it up, google it or something. Anyway, I love the name No. I began thinking how it would benefit me, which I’m pretty sure it would.

People could ask me for things while at work, I’d ignore them and when they call me by my surname I’d reply ‘exactly.’
My I.D’s would all say ‘No.’
It’d save me time rejecting people I could point to an I.D or say ‘What’s my name?’
I could overuse No without seeming overly negative. I’d be Mr.No, Dr.No, No.MD. It just sounds great.
No can be used as a generic response and. No is a wonderful word. I’ve long preached the advantages of saying no. Too many people are afraid to say it. I’ve never known why.
The word of the day is: No.
Come to think of it I can overuse ‘how about no’
Yeah I’d like to be named No.

Consider this an update. I will be posting more soon.



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