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Snapple are despicable

Posted in Uncategorized on August 8, 2011 by MISANTHROPIST

It just looks sinister

Recently something disturbing came to my attention. The person I was with had purchased a drink called Snapple. This is all well and good, it’s a refreshing and over all great drink with a fruit flavouring, I think it was called mango madness. Anyway after the bottle was finished I noticed something resembling this on the lid.

It looked as if the lid had some writing on it, turns out that the caps have little facts on them. Quirky, god I hate the word. I read the fact on the lid

An ant can survive up to two weeks under water.

I’m sitting there thinking to myself, no way. So I did some research and it seems to be a valid fact. I did not know that, I was about to take an ant and a glass of water to test this. I am still considering it, going down to the garden and getting an ant the putting it into a glass of water or better yet Snapple.
My experiment could have implications for every person who ever tried to kill ants with water as children or throughout history, if it turns out that an ant cannot live underwater for two weeks.

They’re basically encouraging kids to test this out, kids all over the country will be drowning ants and PETA will go ape-shit as usual. Maybe Snapple will get the animal rights lobby paying them a visit. Think of all the poor ants. Kids should not be a privy to such information.

Snapple are despicable.