Coming home, seeing people and doing other things I don’t want to do…

The way people have been looking at me

The way people have been looking at me

After arriving back here I noticed that many people I know and almost entirely forgot about have noticed my absence, suddenly people who didn’t care before want to know me. My friends have been around but I’ve mostly avoided them due to sleep and other more important things. I mostly hate my friends by proxy but it was nice to see some of them. I realise though that nothing has really changed for them.  Their questions were mainly innocent ones. I didn’t stay too long so things didn’t get a chance to get boring.

The problem for me is with everyone else, it’s like the world and his wife know my business and they’re all inquiring. They keep asking me the same damn questions over and over while staring stupidly somewhat like this:

It was amusing at first but now It’s just boring. I am somewhat uncomfortable with my new celebrity status. I will probably drink for free because of it but other than that I see no benefits. I’d honestly forgotten about all these people, left them behind and didn’t care.  Am I really the most exciting thing in this shit hole town?
The questions are just getting a bit much, I haven’t slept well or ate well and I want to be left alone mainly. I want my girlfriend, a beer and some good food or a night’s rest I don’t want to play 21 questions with everyone I meet. I’ve begun going out early in the morning to avoid everyone I possibly can. I’ve got to get back on my feet in this place and also look for work.

Things are drifting back into a surreal normalcy where I’m a local celebrity and everyone wants to hear my story. I do not feel at home though, not anymore. I’ve been going down to the store again and cleaning my house, to be honest I can’t  be bothered I don’t even want to. I also need to shave more and be less depressed about everything. and the local people are much like:

A ghost?

Is it a ghost?

England is now much like an episode of Little Britain or a surreal alternate dimension. I need to be away from people and out of the house, I need a job now.



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