Airport Drama.

So I had my first experience of nightmare delays in chicago O’Hare airport, I’m due to leave the country so I’ve said my goodbyes got everything done and prepared by staying up all night in order to spend time with my girlfriend, I also stayed up in order to beat jet-lag. I thought I was being clever and it turns out I wasn’t quite as clever as I first thought.

We arrive at the airport, I get my baggage checked, talk to her for a while before departing. Her crying kind of killed me inside a little, I was sad but ready to get everything done so I said my goodbyes and went through security, after going up to the terminal and waiting for a while I got myself a mountain dew which was a smart idea. After that gave me some energy we were informed of a delay, we waited around two hours to get onto a plane.

In this time a chicago native told me that O’Hare is bad for delays and then that we were delayed further due to storms over lake Michigan, which is understandable due to the aviation issues that might cause. After talking to this man for another hour we are finally put on a plane. We’re sitting on the tarmac now and everything is ready to fly, except as they go to shut the door it won’t close, so we have engineers come to fix the door. This took three hours, then we had to refuel and then when everything was set to fly the pilot cited an engine problem. We all got off the plane and went back to the terminal.

They spend a further 3 hours trying to find a plane for us moving us to different gates every hour, firstly the only one available is too small to accommodate all of us, so they try to bring another in after a long while went by they got us a plane and pulled together a flight crew. Everybody is relieved by this and as this relief is rushing over us all we board the second plane, everything is set for us to taxi out and the pilot will not take off because a member of the flight crew is not legal to fly internationally so at this time about 10pm we are back in the terminal. So after a few hours of mindless chatter and playing aviation musical chairs we’re back in the terminal. Just great.

Even better we are informed that our flight is cancelled and we can’t have our bags, we get rescheduled for 5pm the next day. A man was arrested for flipping out at the reps, he tried to start a protest in vain. He was chanting his little heart out but nobody actually gave a crap knowing that his actions were futile. We’re given coupons and hundreds of us are put up in hotels. I get dumped out in chicago, I had to ask a guy to borrow his iPad to email my girlfriend.

The rush was crazy, it was like one minibus per hotel, it took me an 30mins to find the bus and 90mins to actually get on one, just as I’d got to the hotel my girlfriend called which was lucky as she had called every hotel within five miles to find me. I’m lucky to have her, a smart girl. I ended up at the hotel by like 2am. It was too late for food, I had little money that I spent mostly on a pay phone until I got into my room and talked on the hotel phone for the majority of the night. I was on the 14th floor of a crown plaza hotel mostly alone and exhausted.

She and her family came and picked me up, brought me some lunch, we went back to the airport and they extended my flight home 10 days for nothing. Just to top it all off they inform me my bag is loaded on the plane and they’ll deliver it, the bag got all the way to london and had to be flown back and was delivered two days later. I had no clothes but I couldn’t care seeing as I was back with her at home.

This is my second time flying and I never had anything like this before, I was just glad to be back with her at home. Lets just say next time I’m flying into a better, smaller airport. I was in that terminal for something like 8 hours maybe a little less. Well that was enought nightmare delay for one lifetime.



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