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I recently read a brilliant article regarding counterfeit goods here:

I worked, for a time as a salesman on a local market and the trader whom I worked with owned a medium-sized stall. We started a 5am, all weathers and hardly missed a weeks trade. This trader in question sold trainers. Most of them fake. We sold them to all manner of people most of whom knew that they were fake but they were such good fakes that people decided that buying clones that were identical to the original was worth spending their money on. Some didn’t ever know.

The trader screwed some people but he was as honest as a dishonest man could be, he would say that it isn’t his fault that people have to own designer things.  People are easily tempted by a good fake. Honestly as Andy said if it is the same thing and nobody can tell it is a fake it takes on that perceived value that somebody gives to a pair of Dolche&Gabbana shoes. It’s silly how much emphasis people put on a name brand. This effect even bleeds over to fake goods because they have that name attached to them. People can’t resist owning those designer shoes even if they’re fake.

There was so much crime on those markets, the worst kind of people all in one place. More fakes than you’ve ever seen in your life. Everyone sold fakes and also lied to other people saying their merchandise was real. This circle of lies went right to the management staff. Some were selling drugs on the side. It was basically a huge black market. Occasionally patrolled by police who had no clue what went on there. There were inside deals between traders, stolen goods being sold. There was little me just there to earn a small wage in order to support myself.

The Trading Standards would come around to inspect the stalls and goods on them so the traders would bring second vans after being tipped by the head office. Everyone would cover each other in order to continue screwing people for money. I realise that if people weren’t greedy for name brands they wouldn’t get screwed. It taught me how to sell anything. I got some amazing insight into how easily people could be exploited. I observed as I set up the stall, listened to the conversations, back stall deals where hundreds of pounds worth of fake goods would be brought. Even from contacts abroad I gather. I saw drugs exchanged, gangs hanging around. Lets say I met some interesting characters. You could buy almost anything from this market. Even tobacco.

I would be out in all weathers meeting all manner of bad, crazy and wrong people. It made me see, even more than before,  that people are inherently bad. They’re good personalities but in all bad people who will screw you at any given chance. Screwing people over was an easy job.

People will always buy fake goods because they want that prada bag. At the end of the day the material does not matter, it’s the perceived value of the name that gets them the attention they so desire from their peers.  If the pair of trainers have nike on them and look the part it doesn’t matter what they’re made of. If people believe they are nike airs then they are nike airs. I’ve never understood why people spend their money on bad fakes that will biodegrade within 10 weeks. Hey at least the environment doesn’t suffer.

We got great discounts on the real ones, or even the fakes if we wanted them. As the philosopher Andy Fox once said what is a counterfeit product?
If it is made as an exact replica of the real thing, well made with similar material is it really a fake?
If the experts accept it as real then is it real, essentially every designer trainer is a copy of a copy. It makes you wonder what a fake trainer or handbag really is. It’s all about perceived value.  Yes people are that stupid. Who really wants to spend hundreds on a bag or a pair of trainers. I’d rather get a beer.

In all this whole experience made me hate people even more than before but it also gave me a valuable insight into human behaviour.  I honestly don’t  know why I wrote this but I wanted to share my personal experience of counterfeits and the kinds of people that sell them.



I know you’ll see this…

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I know you’re probably mad at me from yesterday, which sucks but anyway I’m sorry that I got you up so early but I didn’t expect the sudden influx of morons. Anyway I know you want me to show you that I’m effected by your absence, I am but if I give into it i’ll just be stuck in a rut. As you know depression isn’t fun. I miss you and you know that, everything sucks and I’m trying to feel better about it but it isn’t happening. I’m taking it as hard as you are but I deal with it differently.
I don’t want you thinking I’m unaffected by it all because I’m not. All I think about is coming back to you and how much I miss you. I’m between job hunting, depression, missing you and trying to think of ways to sort things out for us. I may not being a mess but I’m not shaving, i’m feeling like crap and I’m withdrawn and as you know I’ve hit the bottle a bit so yeah even if it doesn’t seem like it I’m suffering and I’m somewhat annoyed. To be honest I want people to leave me alone for a while so we can spend some real-time together. That’s what I’m aiming for anyway. I miss you and I’m tired of this fucking place.
Yesterday I fucked up just a little. Anyway, I love you and I fucking miss you. Waking up and you’re not there sucks. Seeing the people I left behind and the place I left behind makes me hate it even more and gives me more motivation to get the fuck out of here. I feel bad that you’ve been suffering, even worse when I haven’t been there but to be honest nothing is helping right now so I’m a little lost. I’m trying to get back on track here so I can spend more time with you but re-adjusting to the hell hole is a task to say the least. I love you, I miss you and yes I’m suffering, remember you’re not alone in this.


AM: Things I love to hate/ shit list revised.

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I thought that I would add a few more things to my shit list.

21.) Chicago.

22.) the Prius.

23.) J.K Rowling and the harry potter series generally

24.) The birds that have made a nest above my window and seem to fight very loudly in the AM.

25.) Where I live.

26.) My home.

27.) People in my immediate vicinity at home.

28.) The local people in my area.

29.) England.

30.) English food.

Those are angry red eyes.

Those are angry red eyes. The eyes of a shit-lister.

Job hunting again! YAY Me!

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My face

My face

Since I’m back in hell now I’ve got a few things to do before I am allowed to leave. The things I have to do include getting an iPhone or some sort of decent phone, a new laptop and money to leave this place. I am currently attempting to get a medical assistant position in my local practice, see how that goes but I really do need to consider other types of employment. I really do not want to deal with the government again. I need job ideas. The pointless nature of posting this just hit me but hey I’m going to do it anyway just to remind myself to look for work.

For an update on the JSA situation as they’ve finally lifted that restriction they put me under unfairly, if all else fails I’ll have to re-register but I really don’t want to.

I will keep my epic quest to find work updated on here. One thing is for sure, it will be long and it will suck.

Coming home, seeing people and doing other things I don’t want to do…

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The way people have been looking at me

The way people have been looking at me

After arriving back here I noticed that many people I know and almost entirely forgot about have noticed my absence, suddenly people who didn’t care before want to know me. My friends have been around but I’ve mostly avoided them due to sleep and other more important things. I mostly hate my friends by proxy but it was nice to see some of them. I realise though that nothing has really changed for them.  Their questions were mainly innocent ones. I didn’t stay too long so things didn’t get a chance to get boring.

The problem for me is with everyone else, it’s like the world and his wife know my business and they’re all inquiring. They keep asking me the same damn questions over and over while staring stupidly somewhat like this:

It was amusing at first but now It’s just boring. I am somewhat uncomfortable with my new celebrity status. I will probably drink for free because of it but other than that I see no benefits. I’d honestly forgotten about all these people, left them behind and didn’t care.  Am I really the most exciting thing in this shit hole town?
The questions are just getting a bit much, I haven’t slept well or ate well and I want to be left alone mainly. I want my girlfriend, a beer and some good food or a night’s rest I don’t want to play 21 questions with everyone I meet. I’ve begun going out early in the morning to avoid everyone I possibly can. I’ve got to get back on my feet in this place and also look for work.

Things are drifting back into a surreal normalcy where I’m a local celebrity and everyone wants to hear my story. I do not feel at home though, not anymore. I’ve been going down to the store again and cleaning my house, to be honest I can’t  be bothered I don’t even want to. I also need to shave more and be less depressed about everything. and the local people are much like:

A ghost?

Is it a ghost?

England is now much like an episode of Little Britain or a surreal alternate dimension. I need to be away from people and out of the house, I need a job now.


AM Hates: Chicago.

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My face in chicago

Pissed in chicago

Maybe I am biased from the experience with delays but I really hate chicago, the place just sucked. From the mexican minibus driver that spoke little or no english to the overly friendly chinese guy. The place is just like London in many ways, I probably hate it because it reminds me of home. Currently I hate home and most people in it.
Everyone is packed so tightly and people are a lot less friendly in chicago, I don’t care so much about that. I just hate how crowded it is, a lot of people were douches. I suppose I don’t have a good reason but I do hate chicago. Never again. I dislike chicago and a majority of its inhabitants with a passion, it’s more the place than the people. I’ve come to realise I prefer the suburbs to the city.

Airport Drama.

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So I had my first experience of nightmare delays in chicago O’Hare airport, I’m due to leave the country so I’ve said my goodbyes got everything done and prepared by staying up all night in order to spend time with my girlfriend, I also stayed up in order to beat jet-lag. I thought I was being clever and it turns out I wasn’t quite as clever as I first thought.

We arrive at the airport, I get my baggage checked, talk to her for a while before departing. Her crying kind of killed me inside a little, I was sad but ready to get everything done so I said my goodbyes and went through security, after going up to the terminal and waiting for a while I got myself a mountain dew which was a smart idea. After that gave me some energy we were informed of a delay, we waited around two hours to get onto a plane.

In this time a chicago native told me that O’Hare is bad for delays and then that we were delayed further due to storms over lake Michigan, which is understandable due to the aviation issues that might cause. After talking to this man for another hour we are finally put on a plane. We’re sitting on the tarmac now and everything is ready to fly, except as they go to shut the door it won’t close, so we have engineers come to fix the door. This took three hours, then we had to refuel and then when everything was set to fly the pilot cited an engine problem. We all got off the plane and went back to the terminal.

They spend a further 3 hours trying to find a plane for us moving us to different gates every hour, firstly the only one available is too small to accommodate all of us, so they try to bring another in after a long while went by they got us a plane and pulled together a flight crew. Everybody is relieved by this and as this relief is rushing over us all we board the second plane, everything is set for us to taxi out and the pilot will not take off because a member of the flight crew is not legal to fly internationally so at this time about 10pm we are back in the terminal. So after a few hours of mindless chatter and playing aviation musical chairs we’re back in the terminal. Just great.

Even better we are informed that our flight is cancelled and we can’t have our bags, we get rescheduled for 5pm the next day. A man was arrested for flipping out at the reps, he tried to start a protest in vain. He was chanting his little heart out but nobody actually gave a crap knowing that his actions were futile. We’re given coupons and hundreds of us are put up in hotels. I get dumped out in chicago, I had to ask a guy to borrow his iPad to email my girlfriend.

The rush was crazy, it was like one minibus per hotel, it took me an 30mins to find the bus and 90mins to actually get on one, just as I’d got to the hotel my girlfriend called which was lucky as she had called every hotel within five miles to find me. I’m lucky to have her, a smart girl. I ended up at the hotel by like 2am. It was too late for food, I had little money that I spent mostly on a pay phone until I got into my room and talked on the hotel phone for the majority of the night. I was on the 14th floor of a crown plaza hotel mostly alone and exhausted.

She and her family came and picked me up, brought me some lunch, we went back to the airport and they extended my flight home 10 days for nothing. Just to top it all off they inform me my bag is loaded on the plane and they’ll deliver it, the bag got all the way to london and had to be flown back and was delivered two days later. I had no clothes but I couldn’t care seeing as I was back with her at home.

This is my second time flying and I never had anything like this before, I was just glad to be back with her at home. Lets just say next time I’m flying into a better, smaller airport. I was in that terminal for something like 8 hours maybe a little less. Well that was enought nightmare delay for one lifetime.