This is just precious…

Deadly force.

Beautiful but deadly force of nature.

By now I am assuming you all know about the earthquake/ tsunami/ nuclear meltdown in Japan, I’ve read that this has been considered the worst disaster to occur in Japan since World War II. World War II makes up a large part of this post but we’ll put that to the side for a second to enable you, the reader to understand the full scope of the disaster.
-8.9 Earthquake.
-The death toll is set to top ten thousand.
-There have been two explosions at Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. Radioactive material has been spread within one hundred and sixty-one KM away from the plant.
-Low levels of radiation have been detected at this distance.
-Much of the effected area is in total ruin.
-There have been reports of homeless Japanese women selling their bodies to pay for food and or for shelter.
I bet some sick fucks are trying to order their tickets as I publish this, for anyone who has not fully realised the scope of this disaster a picture speaks a thousand words.




Fires of japan.

So you get the idea, it’s a shit storm at the moment. Japan has no idea what will happen next, the rest of the world can only send aid and watch this event unfold. It will never be forgotten.
This may come as a shock to you, you may even think I’m an asshole but this is to illustrate a point, here goes:
I personally do not care.
Now I’m an asshole right? Insensitive right? Exactly what’s wrong with this country, right?
Well, this disaster has brought out the worst in humanity as well as the best, times like these I’m sure hope for us as a species is lost. I have seen numerous Facebook updates saying things like:
‘Karma is a bitch.’
‘This is revenge for pearl harbor.’
‘God’s revenge’
You get the idea, while some of these idiots are from my own country the majority of them are?
You guessed it!
No surprise…
Here we go..

Come on you guys really two atomic bombs wasn’t more than adequate revenge for the Japanese attacks on pearl harbor. Are you really that dense?
Could any other nation on earth produce such retards?
I mean, this really shows me the worst side of humanity. You are really so hinged on that one attack?
Have you ever considered all those people who died in the initial blast, the thousands that died slow and painful deaths from radiation poisoning, the mothers forced to watch as their children burned to death. Was one nuke not enough, let alone two?
You idiots are what made me lose faith in humanity, I mean the day I heard the womans account of what happened on that fateful day I lost hope for humanity in general and wished for the extinction of our species. If there were a god he was truly blind on this day. Killing men I can understand but women and children? You think Japan hasn’t paid its price for waking a sleeping giant?
I ask you, where was your god that day?
Now let me tell you it is a shame, it isn’t fair but then again what is?
This is another case of humanity believing it can supersede nature, no matter how much technology and foresight you have you cannot check mate nature. That is my actual view on this whole thing. My thoughts go to the individuals sifting through the wreckage of their home trying to find their children or mothers and fathers. The people drowning in the wreckage that the emergency services will never reach. The men and women who try to save those people knowing that the victim will most certainly die a horrible death. Those are the ones who deserve our sympathies.


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