AM Hates: The EU.

Flag of fail.

Fail flag.

I promised all 30 of you a decent article, while it may not be decent it is important. A while back I studied politics and we talked about the european union, from the start of this unit of study I thought to myself that the EU is retarded. I mean it has its benefits but it isn’t something we cannot survive without. The other day as I watched the news there was a report on London scrapping its plans to reduce pollution. Only then was the pinnacle EU retardation fully recognised.
We as a nation, along with the rest of the world are going through a recession. Now I know that we are not unique and beautiful snowflakes, we are a very arrogant nation second only to the USA. Baby made us proud. Well anyway, seeing as we scrapped these plans due to the fact that it costs too much to implement at such a difficult time the EU has decided that we will be fined £300 million.
Now I’m no professor of mathematics but if a country is facing economic recession/crisis, how does it make sense to fine that country 300 million???
I mean that is just retarded. If we do not refuse to pay this fine then I really refuse to be part of this country. I may live here but I refuse to have part in UK politics. I will not vote. If we are to let the EU bully us in this way then we have lost our way. I’m usually apolitical but I couldn’t ignore this. Seriously what do we need the EU for, free trade?
We already have intimate ties with europe throughout history, the EU isn’t giving us anything we didn’t already have. We may have a free market trade with the EU and many advantages but it brings more immigrants to a struggling country, we’ve suffered with this even more due to our inept leadership and our inability to say ‘NO.’
Before you think to yourself ‘Derp but most of your labour force are immigrants!’
consider that I know this, then consider that this is part of the reason for the current job shortage. Yes we do need immigrant labour but when is enough actually enough? Without risking sounding like the next BNP candidate, British people need jobs too. Citizens of the UK should be considered for jobs if they have a higher skill level than the immigrant also applying. Why sacrifice a skilled labourer capable of doing an excellent job for a cheaper alternative, the job will be finished faster but it will not stand for more than a decade before falling apart. In all fairness people should be hired for their skill. Britain has more social and economic problems than I can list in one post.
Honestly, I could do a better job on a quarter of Jack Daniels and an eight ball of crack.
The market is inflexible and the levels of bureaucracy stop anything important from getting done, we’ve retained our currency and a level of independence which is a good thing, that above all things pleases me. We cannot becoming fully immersed in the EU as we’ve already lost our national identity. Why are we even a member state? Seeing as we’d retain many of the benefits of being in the EU.
The whole idea of being in the EU seems idiotic, even more so when they decide to fine the living crap out of us for not meeting their impossible targets. Yes, we would be able to meet the targets IF and only IF we were not experiencing an ECONOMIC RECESSION.
We should leave the EU, it isn’t worth being a part of. In my eyes the EU has more disadvantages than advantages and in the next decade I’d like to see us leave this waste of time and money.


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