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AM Hates: Grocery shopping.

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I was originally going to add this to the list on the previous post but I thought, hey, this deserves its own post.
Anyway, I’m about to set out on my mission for today, that mission that I have no choice but to accept is grocery shopping. I’d say food shopping but I’m pretty sure my readers are mostly americans so here goes. This is basically a run down of my journey and the idiots I deal with while undertaking it/ reasons I hate it so damn much.
I could kill with that frozen chicken you know.
Righty then:
First I leave my house, this is fine, I get ready, get some clothes on and the usual. At this point everything is totally fine. So I’m ready, I do my whole lock the house up ritual where I check everything multiple times in an OCD’esque fashion. I get everything locked down. Walk to my local shop, get my travel card topped up. There’s the Indian guy running it who drops change into your hand. What in the fuck makes you so special. You’re more likely to give me a disease than I am to give you one, other than that little annoyance this part is fine. I’ll usually go into the other shop to get a drink and/or whatever the hell I do so desire at the time. Here’s where it begins. I get the dippy as hell cashier who takes forever to do the simplest of tasks, if she isn’t talking crap she’s taking forever. I’m pretty sure she’s slow. Still she annoys the living crap out of me, as does her relative who is slower. Much slower. Confirming my suspicions that the cashier herself is a little slow. So yeah, you get it she annoys me. I wait for the bus with whatever riff-raff happen to be waiting for the same bus as me. They don’t talk to me, so this is a welcome break from the paranoid/racist indian and the slowest cashier in the world. I get on the bus, which I pay way too much for, where I am seated next to smelly, fat, annoying, loud, idiotic or just plain retarded people. I sit silently unless someone annoys me further at which point I will complain or move or both. I get off the bus after 10-15 minutes of utter bullshit being spewed forth from the jaws of total strangers. Classics include ‘Damn immigrants’  ‘They took our jurbs’  ‘My grand-daughter’  etcetera. If that isn’t enough I might have sat through some bad music or loud kids whom I’d like to dose with Ritalin. Anyways, after disembarking I have to push through crowds of ignorant and plain annoying people. This is much worse on market days.
I’ll walk to the shop/store. There I will grab my basket, walk around grabbing what I need while I circumnavigate a whole host of idiots mixed in with the scum of the earth. It isn’t that bad. I’ll walk to the counter, put everything on after a wait for another cashier who isn’t doing her damn job. Sometimes I get a retard who cannot use a damn till. Who needs her manager to come and correct her mistake, once that’s all over with they always ask the same question ‘Do you have a card and would you want one?’
The answer to this has been, and will always be no. I have been shopping there a lot, after about a year I think it’s safe to assume I do not want one. She knows my face so there is no excuse. At least by this point she’s doing her damn job. Then, even more fun pushing through idiots. Waiting with more idiots, only to get back onto a bus with more idiots and some frozen food/ old people. I wonder do they ever shut up, between their crap, the foreign conversations going on and whatever else usually I’ll put my headphones on to drown it out and just ignore people generally. Today I do not have my damn headphones. It’s going to be a real hoot. I’m feeling an argument today!
Another thing, there’s always one that’ll try to talk to you. The old ones aren’t to bad. Yes and no in the right places, they talk but don’t engage you in conversation which is great for me. The rest I just ignore, eventually they get the idea. I’ll even go as far as to put my bags or feet on the seat to keep them away. I get off after more of this crap and walk the 4 minutes home.
Shopping for groceries makes me even more misanthropic. Just to clarify.
I do not care about:
You, your family/ friends.
Your day, our country.
Your life or anything else to do with you, in short, I don’t want to hear it. Leave me alone already. The people I meet along this route are very annoying and the quicker I don’t have to deal with any of them again the better. It’s safe to say that I hate shopping. I really hate it. I’m ordering my shopping online from now on.

UPDATE: Well there were no arguments, just an annoying woman talking general crap while reading a low-end news paper. She was talking very loudly and I shot her the look of death and thought to myself, shut up and don’t even say anything or the next time you’re laying on your lawn drunk off your ass and your little 6 or 7-year-old son asks me to help you I won’t call the ambulance I’ll call child services.
When I say drunk off her ass, I mean in need of medical assistance drunk.
I had one guy asking me for a cigarette, I told him no and he still waited around for a minute asking. I just said no it’s my only one, which it was then told him to move along. Begging for cigarettes, if you can’t support your habit don’t smoke idiot. Then a strange moment, a little girl looks out of the bus window at the cemetery/ grave yard and says to her mother ‘I want to go there’ to which her mother replies ‘no’ and when the child asks why her mother had to explain death to this little girl. That is one hell of a responsibility, she didn’t lie, I respect her for that. She said ‘ When people die’ to which the child replied yes, she then continued to explain that when they go to ‘sleep’ in that delicate manner that they go there, into the ground. The child knew and understood. Without robbing her of her innocence she explained death to this little girl. I only hope I can be such a parent, it made me think of my future and when it’s me explaining this to my child.


People/ things I Love to Hate

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There are many people I personally and deeply hate, from musicians to politicians and many, many more. Yes I’m a hater, you might say: You hate them because you want to be them, or secretly admire them in some way, shape or form. I’d like to dispel this misconception right now. You’re wrong, I seriously hate them.
Here’s a list of the people and or things I currently hate with a burning passion.

1.)  Bono.
King douche, everything about this guy I really fucking hate, he’s a hypocrite. His humanitarian efforts mean jack shit in the real world. He has zero talent and thinks he is the shit. I can’t even begin to fully explain the things that cause me to hate this guy. Drunk or not, I’d very much enjoy beating him within an inch of his life. I could settle for breaking his jaw (To shut him up.) and fingers (so he can’t play music.)
Just be sure I hate this guy, from the nickname to the sunglasses. Mine are way better!

2.)  Florence, of Florence and the machine.
I cannot count the times I’ve wished for florence’s machine to malfunction, explode and kill everyone involved in the recording and production of their shitty music. Then again to be fair she made it onto this list for one reason. The song Dog days are over. God I could write some shit with generic ‘deep’ meaningful lyrics and basically shout it. I do an awesome impression. This woman looks like a pre-op tranny, she’s probably not all that bad but fuck she makes me want to pierce my eardrums with an ice pick.

3.)  Tony Blair.
He accidentally my country, I don’t even want to write about it, you’ve got wikipedia right?
Go ask Jimbo… Also look out for the mark of Dubya on his forehead.

4.)  Hipsters.
Yes I hate you all. You are a bad joke. It’s gotten old very quickly.

5.) My friends.
I call them friends but they’re more like people who I’ve talked to for a long time and feel obligated,  for one reason or another, to talk to.

6.) Television. (In general)
It keeps getting worse and worse.

7.) People who use the phrase ‘ The Good Old Days’
Funny how I can’t ever recall when these so called ‘good old days’  occurred.

8.) Robbie Williams.
Everything about you screams sub-par to me. Do some more drugs, if you by any chance you are gay just admit it already. I seriously couldn’t give a damn if I tried.

9.) Newspapers.
I get bored of them, they’re pretty obsolete by now. They bore me, I wonder why I waist money on them. I go six months without buying one, then have an urge to do so. They’re exactly the same if not worse. I only purchased them for the TVguide and now even that is redundant due to the fact that the my service has its own.
Never again.

10.) Politics.
Because seriously, unless it is to keep the BNP out of government what is the point of voting at all. It doesn’t change anything. Same institution, fresh faces.

11.) The Beckhams.
Thank you america for taking them from us, we owe you a great debt.

12.) Heather Mills.
She’s crazy and she has one leg, she even looks crazy. If I took its leg you think it’d shut up?
Crazy, greedy, bitter woman.  She annoys the hell out of me. I’d never hit a woman but I’d push her in front of a moving car and or train any day.

13.) The Beetles.
Over rated crap, that is all.

14.) Kerry Katona.
Just annoys me, someone must stop it before it grows out of control.

15.) Dancing on ice or any dancing TV show.
I hate it, all of it. If I wanted to watch idiots on ice I’d go to my local rink.

16.) Woman who threw cat into bin.
I’d love to turn her upside down and throw her in a wheelie bin, duct tape the top and thread a hose into it, running water slowly into it until she drowns.

17.) Jehovah’s witnesses.
Everything about them is wrong. From their beliefs to door knocking. Can anyone say cult?

18.) Organised religion in general.

19.) Most of the royal family.

20.) You.
This is highly likely.

This is getting too large now, I’ll update this at some point. I said I was a hater. Believe.

This is just precious…

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Deadly force.

Beautiful but deadly force of nature.

By now I am assuming you all know about the earthquake/ tsunami/ nuclear meltdown in Japan, I’ve read that this has been considered the worst disaster to occur in Japan since World War II. World War II makes up a large part of this post but we’ll put that to the side for a second to enable you, the reader to understand the full scope of the disaster.
-8.9 Earthquake.
-The death toll is set to top ten thousand.
-There have been two explosions at Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. Radioactive material has been spread within one hundred and sixty-one KM away from the plant.
-Low levels of radiation have been detected at this distance.
-Much of the effected area is in total ruin.
-There have been reports of homeless Japanese women selling their bodies to pay for food and or for shelter.
I bet some sick fucks are trying to order their tickets as I publish this, for anyone who has not fully realised the scope of this disaster a picture speaks a thousand words.




Fires of japan.

So you get the idea, it’s a shit storm at the moment. Japan has no idea what will happen next, the rest of the world can only send aid and watch this event unfold. It will never be forgotten.
This may come as a shock to you, you may even think I’m an asshole but this is to illustrate a point, here goes:
I personally do not care.
Now I’m an asshole right? Insensitive right? Exactly what’s wrong with this country, right?
Well, this disaster has brought out the worst in humanity as well as the best, times like these I’m sure hope for us as a species is lost. I have seen numerous Facebook updates saying things like:
‘Karma is a bitch.’
‘This is revenge for pearl harbor.’
‘God’s revenge’
You get the idea, while some of these idiots are from my own country the majority of them are?
You guessed it!
No surprise…
Here we go..

Come on you guys really two atomic bombs wasn’t more than adequate revenge for the Japanese attacks on pearl harbor. Are you really that dense?
Could any other nation on earth produce such retards?
I mean, this really shows me the worst side of humanity. You are really so hinged on that one attack?
Have you ever considered all those people who died in the initial blast, the thousands that died slow and painful deaths from radiation poisoning, the mothers forced to watch as their children burned to death. Was one nuke not enough, let alone two?
You idiots are what made me lose faith in humanity, I mean the day I heard the womans account of what happened on that fateful day I lost hope for humanity in general and wished for the extinction of our species. If there were a god he was truly blind on this day. Killing men I can understand but women and children? You think Japan hasn’t paid its price for waking a sleeping giant?
I ask you, where was your god that day?
Now let me tell you it is a shame, it isn’t fair but then again what is?
This is another case of humanity believing it can supersede nature, no matter how much technology and foresight you have you cannot check mate nature. That is my actual view on this whole thing. My thoughts go to the individuals sifting through the wreckage of their home trying to find their children or mothers and fathers. The people drowning in the wreckage that the emergency services will never reach. The men and women who try to save those people knowing that the victim will most certainly die a horrible death. Those are the ones who deserve our sympathies.

AM Hates: The EU.

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Flag of fail.

Fail flag.

I promised all 30 of you a decent article, while it may not be decent it is important. A while back I studied politics and we talked about the european union, from the start of this unit of study I thought to myself that the EU is retarded. I mean it has its benefits but it isn’t something we cannot survive without. The other day as I watched the news there was a report on London scrapping its plans to reduce pollution. Only then was the pinnacle EU retardation fully recognised.
We as a nation, along with the rest of the world are going through a recession. Now I know that we are not unique and beautiful snowflakes, we are a very arrogant nation second only to the USA. Baby made us proud. Well anyway, seeing as we scrapped these plans due to the fact that it costs too much to implement at such a difficult time the EU has decided that we will be fined £300 million.
Now I’m no professor of mathematics but if a country is facing economic recession/crisis, how does it make sense to fine that country 300 million???
I mean that is just retarded. If we do not refuse to pay this fine then I really refuse to be part of this country. I may live here but I refuse to have part in UK politics. I will not vote. If we are to let the EU bully us in this way then we have lost our way. I’m usually apolitical but I couldn’t ignore this. Seriously what do we need the EU for, free trade?
We already have intimate ties with europe throughout history, the EU isn’t giving us anything we didn’t already have. We may have a free market trade with the EU and many advantages but it brings more immigrants to a struggling country, we’ve suffered with this even more due to our inept leadership and our inability to say ‘NO.’
Before you think to yourself ‘Derp but most of your labour force are immigrants!’
consider that I know this, then consider that this is part of the reason for the current job shortage. Yes we do need immigrant labour but when is enough actually enough? Without risking sounding like the next BNP candidate, British people need jobs too. Citizens of the UK should be considered for jobs if they have a higher skill level than the immigrant also applying. Why sacrifice a skilled labourer capable of doing an excellent job for a cheaper alternative, the job will be finished faster but it will not stand for more than a decade before falling apart. In all fairness people should be hired for their skill. Britain has more social and economic problems than I can list in one post.
Honestly, I could do a better job on a quarter of Jack Daniels and an eight ball of crack.
The market is inflexible and the levels of bureaucracy stop anything important from getting done, we’ve retained our currency and a level of independence which is a good thing, that above all things pleases me. We cannot becoming fully immersed in the EU as we’ve already lost our national identity. Why are we even a member state? Seeing as we’d retain many of the benefits of being in the EU.
The whole idea of being in the EU seems idiotic, even more so when they decide to fine the living crap out of us for not meeting their impossible targets. Yes, we would be able to meet the targets IF and only IF we were not experiencing an ECONOMIC RECESSION.
We should leave the EU, it isn’t worth being a part of. In my eyes the EU has more disadvantages than advantages and in the next decade I’d like to see us leave this waste of time and money.