A few things…

Life is finally looking up. I never thought I’d say that, for once, things seem to be going my way. It’s a strange feeling walking down the street and through the places you know and thinking of how you’ll be saying goodbye for a while. When you can finally say, I’m leaving here tomorrow. The people I call friends or call themselves my friends don’t even know that I’m leaving. I like that. I suppose I’m a real asshole. Why tell them? What does it really matter?
Things change for me, no matter how much I don’t like it or try to control it change is a constant in my life. Change is always certain and absolutely nothing remains unchanged. In the next few months a lot is set to change for me and I’m on my way to solidifying my future. Not too long ago I didn’t have one. What is strange is that in my friends lives and in my own experience nothing ever changes around here. This place is a black hole and if you don’t get away you’ll get sucked in, it draws many back to it over time too. I can’t wait to get away.
Everyone has someone special to them in one capacity or another, she’s been saying for a long time that we’re due for a break and that we’ve never had one despite best laid plans. Well it’d seem we have it. I’m lucky to have her and a while back she told me that I underestimated her, which in a way I suppose I did. This situation proves that. I’m lucky to have someone like her. If you have someone special in your own life I suggest you hold on to them, in the end they’ll be the one picking you up off your ass when you’re down and don’t ever take it for granted.
Here’s a little update gives you something to read. I have no idea why my traffic has gone up. I’ll have a lot more to write about in future. This one even has a message, how good is that.

Got a JSA update for you. Wonderful. Making things harder yet again.
Seriously fuck the JSA.

Edit: I really need some change, it’s way overdue. Thank you, I know you’ll read it at one point.


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