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A few things…

Posted in General on February 27, 2011 by MISANTHROPIST

Life is finally looking up. I never thought I’d say that, for once, things seem to be going my way. It’s a strange feeling walking down the street and through the places you know and thinking of how you’ll be saying goodbye for a while. When you can finally say, I’m leaving here tomorrow. The people I call friends or call themselves my friends don’t even know that I’m leaving. I like that. I suppose I’m a real asshole. Why tell them? What does it really matter?
Things change for me, no matter how much I don’t like it or try to control it change is a constant in my life. Change is always certain and absolutely nothing remains unchanged. In the next few months a lot is set to change for me and I’m on my way to solidifying my future. Not too long ago I didn’t have one. What is strange is that in my friends lives and in my own experience nothing ever changes around here. This place is a black hole and if you don’t get away you’ll get sucked in, it draws many back to it over time too. I can’t wait to get away.
Everyone has someone special to them in one capacity or another, she’s been saying for a long time that we’re due for a break and that we’ve never had one despite best laid plans. Well it’d seem we have it. I’m lucky to have her and a while back she told me that I underestimated her, which in a way I suppose I did. This situation proves that. I’m lucky to have someone like her. If you have someone special in your own life I suggest you hold on to them, in the end they’ll be the one picking you up off your ass when you’re down and don’t ever take it for granted.
Here’s a little update gives you something to read. I have no idea why my traffic has gone up. I’ll have a lot more to write about in future. This one even has a message, how good is that.

Got a JSA update for you. Wonderful. Making things harder yet again.
Seriously fuck the JSA.

Edit: I really need some change, it’s way overdue. Thank you, I know you’ll read it at one point.


To all 24 of you, which I now suspect to be around 32.

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 be right back

that's all folks

I’ll be posting some new content soon, something or someone, somewhere is bound to piss me off. It seems almost intrinsic that I be pissed off by something nowadays. You think I’d have more to write. Anyways thanks for reading.
I’ll hit you with something new soon. If you’re wondering about MT and such Mr. Fox is having server trouble I’ll keep you updated. Right well i’m going to bed now, so yeah, brb lol.

This one’s for you/ Don’t ever change.

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Now you may be reading that title and the next few lines and begin wondering to yourself. What the fuck?
The answer is that this isn’t for you. You may read it, you may have an opinion or a question. Please don’t ask it.
I’d appreciate that much. People are selfish and only care for themselves I think you might have a little misanthropic streak in you yet babe. People are basically 1o pounds of shit in a 20 pound bag. I’m sorry you learned that the hard way and in the harshest way possible from those who were supposed to be there for you. Fuck them I’m always here.
Now for the point of this post, I have the most amazing woman in my life right now and this morning I found myself really bothered about something. For unspecified reason ( That means reasons unspecified to you) I found her apologising not only for things she hadn’t done and had no control over but also simply for existing. Now I don’t know how long it’ll be before she reads this but this one is for you angel.
Don’t ever apologise for existing, in this world full of shit and scum you’re the anti-thesis of everything I hate so much. You make waking up in the morning worth while and you’re the last thing I see before we go to sleep. I love that. You really are a million times better than anyone else you’ll ever meet including me. I wish I had it in me to be such a good person. You’re a diamond and you always have been. Babe, fuck em’ if they can’t see that you’re a fucking amazing person and you’ve got twice the brain they ever had then more fool them. Don’t you ever apologise for being better than they are. They’re lucky you even acknowledge them at all, in that way you’re a better person.
You’ve never been a burden, you shouldn’t ever apologise for anything especially not to them. They don’t and have never deserved the acknowledgement. You are who you are because of you, nobody influenced you, you don’t do it out of reward or praise. You’re a rare thing, a genuinely good person. I’m always going to be here, if you aren’t certain of anything you can be certain of me. I know you’re a big girl but i’m always going to take care of you and I won’t ever abandon you. You mean the fucking world to me and there will never be another you. You’re good enough for me, fucking christ be damned you’re better. You make me proud, I’m lucky to have met you, even luckier to have you. You’re fucking perfect so believe it. I’ll be damned if some piss poor excuse for a person is going to tell you otherwise. You might feel some days that your very existence is a curse, for me it’s a blessing and I can only thank you for it. You make my life fucking amazing and I love you for it. Do me one big favour don’t ever fucking change for anyone, not even me. I love you for who you are and everything you are even the things you might hate. All of it makes you, you and makes me love you.  Also I can’t wait to meet that asshole, the shit will indeed hit the fan. I smell an ABH charge coming my way but it’ll be soooooo worth it. Babe I’ll always be everything you need and you know that no matter what is happening I’ve always got time for you.
Side note: If you’re reading this you need to sleep. You crazy, beautiful woman. I need you around for a very long time. Remember the discussion you’re not allowed to die before me okay. I’m holding you to that.
Some days we all feel like crying, I mean it is easier for me. I’d be a fucking liar if I told you otherwise but I have hate, I fucking hate people, I have contempt for them among many other things. That hatred and contempt helps me get over it. Change cry to kill with blunt object and we’re good to go.
I know it’s different for you but fuck them, they don’t deserve such an amazing daughter. They’ll never know how lucky they are. You’re fucking amazing and you have nothing to apologise for. At all. So don’t you ever apologise for existing and secondly don’t you ever fucking change because I don’t ever want anyone else.

Now if you’ve read this and you are thinking what the fuck? Hold that thought.

I know I’m early and all but happy valentines angel and fuck them they don’t even deserve to know you. I love you and sleep well.

If you’re reading and thinking ‘This guy’ then fuck you. This isn’t for you and nobody asked for your input especially not me.
How do you say? GTFO.