I’d like to take a little time out to clear up a few misconceptions.



Recently I had been discussing misanthropy with some people, the majority turned out to be idiots. I had expectations, my bad. In any case the first misconception I’m talking about is a reply of one of the aforementioned idiots, the idiot in question said to me “If you’re a misanthrope why are you being social, why do you have friends?”
This is one of the most idiotic statements/questions I have ever come across in my time on the internet.
Just because I hate people doesn’t mean it isn’t necessary to interact with them in order to live in the modern world, I hate people for what they are not who they are and I have ‘friends’ even though sometimes I wonder what they’re good for. People should really learn and understand the meanings of the concept before they open their mouths. It proves beyond reasonable doubt that you’re an idiot.
This sums it up best for me:
“Misanthropes need people; without a steady supply, the misanthrope cannot fully apply his art.”

For the misanthrope people are a necessary evil, no matter how much you hate them you still need them. I don’t like them or trust them for the most part but I’ll be the first to admit that I need them for one reason or another. That in itself annoys me and causes me to hate myself and them even more. Incase you were wondering I do not consider myself to be one of them, maybe biologically we are similar but when it comes to personality and morals we are very different. I try my best to be nothing like them but at the end of the day I am that which I most hate.
Another massively idiotic statement made by another massively idiotic idiot was that misanthropes are defeatist.
Tell me what is defeatist about realising the worst facets of what it is to be human and trying to avoid these failures?
Trying to change and improve is defeatist? I think I smell an idiot…
I personally do not trust most people, I trust a total of three people and rightly so. Why trust someone who is ultimately out for their own advancement and would screw you at any point in time to climb another rung of the ladder?
I am often accused of being hostile, maybe I am? You would be too if you saw the world and it’s people in the same light as I do. I know I’m a unique and special snowflake. In a snow storm. You’re an idiot if you even thought that for a second and you’re not worth my time or the oxygen you breathe. I’m not hostile towards those I respect which is an even shorter list than the one of people I trust. If I am hostile to you I sure as hell don’t respect you.
I am always testing you, you might ask what gives me the right, look at it this way I’d rather save us both precious time. I’m not going to live forever and neither are you. I’m doing us both a favour. Also Yes I do consider some people unworthy of my time, that stems from a sense of superiority that is not unwarranted. Regarding this you will question this statement, it is pointless to do so. You do not know me, you never will and frankly I don’t want you to. You will never see the world as I do, you are not me, you will never understand. If you do congratulations, now you know where to go.


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