A whole hearted fuck you to JSA.

Fuck the JSA and relate departments.

Fuck the JSA

I’ve been on job seekers allowance for a short while, not by choice. In fact I avoided it for as long as possible due to the fact that the government has a habit of screwing people alsodue to the fact that I dislike taking money from anyone for many reasons. In short I don’t find taking money from the government acceptable, I would rather have avoided it all together. JSA is a lethal cocktail of idiots and systemic failure. Yes I am pissed off. Here is why.
I was given, not offered, a job by JSA. This job was completely irrelevant to my qualifications. Now maybe I’m an ass, well no I am an ass but I didn’t attend school and college to work in an office. If I work in an office it will be an office of my choice. Anyway, meanwhile I had found 6 jobs relevant to my qualifications and interests which I am currently in the process of applying for. Despite my own efforts the JSA refused me my allowance. They are considering suspending my claim. Now I’m no math wiz but surely if I do not have money then not allowing me to have the funds I use to look for work is counter productive, am I right?
I look for work and do what is required of me, I attend on time and my claim is in no way false, yet I am treated as a criminal by a government agency who are full of idiots, foreign idiots and various other idiots. The agency itself is marred by systemic failure, bending the rules on multiple occasions however they cannot forgive my one error.
I have an african advisor with no idea of her job requirements who has examined my job searches two, if not three times now. If I made an error she could have corrected my mistake a long while ago had she been doing her fucking job. I walk to this place, a mile and a half, in the rain to be told that I’m not getting my allowance because they gave me a job to apply for which was complete crap. I love walks and even rain, its dealing with idiots that I hate. It is funny to me how the government represents some of the worst failures of humanity, not just the central government but also the smaller government branches and departments.
I go there every fucking week, arriving on time, I am polite, courteous, patient and presentable which is more than can be said for the majority of JSA claimants. Also I do not leave the building and put on my work boots, hopping into a van with some inbreds to do cash in hand work while I claim. Not that I care about the claimants, it’s the department of failure I am concerned with.
Anyways, yes I’m pissed off. If this post makes zero sense that is why.
A big fuck you to JSA and related departments.
I finally understand why people shout at them a threaten them etcetera.
As far as I’m concerned they deserve it for being jobsworth idiots.
Yes this is a shitty post but fuck it there’s 24 of you at most, half that, then half it again and I have 6 regulars.
It’d be nice to hear from you….

UPDATE: The coming wednesday I am being personally interviewed about the JSA’s service and I’m going to make them look as bad as I possible can. Karma much?
I’m happy I get to do this, something I actually look forward to!



18 Responses to “A whole hearted fuck you to JSA.”

  1. hi i feel the same way they have just done the same to me total arse holes.

    • Yeah to be honest I’m done with them, when I get back off this holiday they can go fuck themselves. I’ll look for work myself they can keep their money. They aren’t helpful at all. I got more done on the internet and by word of mouth to be honest. I may even have a job when I get back. So I’ll just have to wait and see. What’s funny is they actually thought I’d continue going after they stopped my money.

  2. […] https://alphamisanthropos.wordpress.com/2011/01/20/a-whole-hearted-fuck-you-to-jsa/ For an update on the JSA situation as they’ve finally lifted that restriction they put me […]

  3. Its like this was written by me, in every way you are correct! i claim because i have too and about the only good JSA does is give me money to help get to interviews (im independent from family so its hard enough for me without a job) but yah there all assholes! they dont tell you want you need to know and it results in me being in trouble and being refused payment so which means i cant get to my job interviews! the money i rely on to get off JSA is being cut cause of their own errors. it makes me laugh! closest buss is 10 miles, im expected to walk (when i cant get a lift) 10 miles of which i cant do since i have asma (its really bad, soz for spelling) basicly JSA can go fuck them selves, agree 100%! im getting off it next week, ima take my last payment and tell them to shuv it! 😉

    • dam my spelling sucks, i apologize! loved the part where you compare yourself to the rest in JSA places, i too cant help but feel the same! most of them look like benifit thieves, i cant stand being in the same group let alone the same room with these sort of people! of which i mean lazy ass chavs who haven’t done an honest days work or even tried to find a job! the system fails and needs work!

    • Sorry it took me so long to reply, had various dramas to deal with lately.
      First thing I’ll say is that your situation sucks, yes they do look like benefit thieves you can tell which ones are just by looking, the people employed by the JSA are Retarded. I think I’ve only ever had one partially useful female advisor and one guy who was an American, I was told to come in for some cv crap and it turned out I knew it all so we talked and he was a pretty cool guy. It’s ashame he wasn’t an advisor or an exec, he said he’d hire me in a heartbeat. I was the only person who showed for that cv meeting.
      Good on you for getting off it, they treat you like a theif anyway which makes things harder and yes they do not explain anything properly even if they are not from some foreign country. I hope you do find a job though things suck at the moment. I had a guy come over to my place and interview me about changes to the system, three possible outcomes, I chose the best one and though that they finally sorted their shit out then he tells me whichever is the most popular will not come into effect until 2013 to which I replied “well that’s a whole lot of good.”
      Good luck with your search, job hunting is like the fucking lord of the rings trilogy in London. I hope you have better luck than myself.

  4. Mate, I know how you feel, I’ve been on it for about a month, and am already feeling depressed, my advisor is some indian that can’t talk properly and wants to also suspend my claim.
    I think am going to sign off tomorrow and I promise you, am going to abuse that advisor before I leave.

    • They wonder why people abuse them, they’re pretty useless. I can’t wait to get out of the system. It’s depressing, I know and your indian advisor well I don’t think I need to say anymore.

  5. Ok.. My story is quite relevant to it but i need to say what i’m foreign in UK. My sign in day is wednesday at the Jobcentre..I do not have no angry to these people who is working there..so…I came,, i said what i did last week 21 hours of work of 2 agencies.This work was temporary before it i had nothing, just not lucky to find related with quite amount hours work..and this week (starts from 11.03.2013) no work yet..What these people did…they stopped my JSA as i overlimited in one week.. just crazy… no it is – no work,, and no benefit… so there to get money for living.. damn stupid..
    I visited on the same day council for housing benefits as i had to warn them not to cut out this source as my JSA is stopped.
    I got to know what i was not getting this benefit as i not showed some payslips ( i not had them, only timesheets) .Honestly i assured them how many hours i did , but it not helped . These people think that i was getting more then minimum ( about 8-10 pounds /hour rate) but i said only a minimum wage as agencies for basic work pays a minimum rate which is after deducted of tax. A lady said- as you been working so and so you EVEN HAVE TO RETURN JSA MONEY BACK TO US..i was in shock…
    I really do not like this system, it counts any suitable relief of yours to their profit,,it is for nonsense totally this money saving and not overpaying created system is bit evil,. My work was not regular .On january i did 32 hours so far and nothing else, no support from goverment, even backdated my claim- no results.. just a lucky on 1 week leed to sad consequences… as what happened to me..
    Leave your coments if there any better idea apart swear. Thank you.

    • Hello,
      Its always nice to meet somebody who understands the crap job seekers have to go through in order to get the pittance that they give us. Firstly I find it funny that they think the amount they give us can help us survive two weeks. I’m pretty frugal, no car, no phone or anything like that. To be honest I don’t own much. It annoys me to see people claiming in there while playing on their iPhone 4S or whatever 400 pound cellular device they have. In the even I owned a 400 pound cellular device I would not pull it out in a job center where people struggle to find employment and need that measly sum to feed themselves and their children.

      It’s good to see that you aren’t angry about the whole thing, people become bitter and shout/curse very quickly. I used to look down on those people but as time goes by I understand it more. There have been a few occasions where I feel like telling them to stick their money where the sun doesn’t shine but I’ve refrained from doing so because you should never bite the hand that feeds.

      They seem to stop your money for the most minor infraction but they’re allowed to be 20mins late for your signing or not show up at all without consequence. That irritates me. I totally agree with you about the system, it is fucked up. I would go as far as to say it is evil. All I can really say about the time-sheet/hours issue is that you should have your boss call them to confirm your hours and that the relevant information is on the way. Either way they still would have stopped it. I hope its resolved by now.

      You were saying about the system being evil, come to think of it I can confirm this:


      Check that out. I hope everything has worked out for you. Fuck the JSA.

  6. I tell yer those total wankers at the dwp or jsa have know fucking idea ,I was made redundant two weeks before two years service not allowing me to get redundancy pay then the fuckwits at jsa told me i cant have no money cuz i aint paid enough ni.Then they expect you to attend the job center so that i may get ni credits!what the fuck

    • I think they’re about to sanction me actually which is going to fuck me because I owe money out. Whatever reason you give them for failing to attend is never good enough. Maybe I should ask them why it took a fucking month from the date that I missed to inform me of my mistake. The appointment was issued a month before that so all in all it has taken the two months and yet I’m being punished. I can’t wait to find work…
      I know how you feel mate.

  7. Jsa are deekheds !!!!!!

    • That’s a light way of putting it.

      • gore-gamer Says:

        They did that to me ive been sanctioned from the 15th of july till 13th october due to a doubt they “disscused” with me and now i have 2 weeks to pay my bills or iam loosing my house, i already suffet from panic attacks, anxiety and depression now its off the wall and i can sleep or live anymore, and iam still expected to sign on. burn the fuckers down i say.

      • I’ve got a post about the JSA, I finally caught the fuckers out. It’s dodgy as fuck and right from the mouth of an ex-employee, she left because of it. I know it doesn’t help you much but it’s just good to know they’re bastards in general, they literally forced this employee to sanction five people for no reason, when she refused they punished her. All for the figures probably, making the government look good. I snarl a little whenever I hear the figures for unemployment have gone down because I know that the only reason they have dropped is through dodgy shit like this. I hope you find a way out mate, it sounds like you’ve got it rough. I’m lucky to be in a position where I can tell them to go fuck themselves, it’ll hurt me financially but I don’t have something to lose like you do.

        Appeal it if you can and definitely go the Citizen’s Advice. They should be able to help somewhat or at least give you your options.


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