Rain, rain don’t go away.

Rain is just wonderful isn’t it, I love the rain. I sit here in my living room smoking my pipe (yes I own a pipe) being the misanthrope I am considering the reasons I love it so much. Here goes:
1.) It has the amazing ability to keep retards off the streets, I love walking in the rain because I can think to myself without being bothered by people asking me annoying questions which range from ‘Can I pinch a cigarette mate?’ to directions or whatever. In the case of A) If you can’t afford cigarettes don’t smoke, if you have some at home then learn some patience and quit begging for cigarettes. In the case of B) Get a god damn map or one of those phones with GPS if you’re a lazy bastard.
2.) I enjoy getting drenched in the rain, rain has this purifying stress relieving quality.
3.) Really this is an extension of two but the sound of rain on my window is somewhat soothing, it helps me sleep, something I do too little these days but trust me she’s totally worth it. I guess I’ll sleep when I’m dead. My Circadian rhythm is fucked up anyways.
4.) Because I have two people in my life that appreciate the rain as much as I do and we can enjoy it together. Enjoying anything with anyone is something of a rarity for me.
5.) Because the people who are out rush for shelter meaning I get left alone. I like that. I want little or nothing to do with most people honestly they’re not worth my time and/or effort.
6.) Some of my best times with friends have been during rainy days, it kind of forces you to be social. Being social once in while isn’t a bad things.
7.) I love coffee. Rain makes me appreciate the warmth of a hot cup of coffee even more.
8.) Because everyone groans and bitches about it, it annoys them therefore it makes me happy. Thank you English weather.

These are just some of the reasons I love rain, I’d love to live in a desert because the solitude appeals to me. As long as I have her I don’t need or want anyone else. The only thing I’d miss is the rain. I do enjoy solitude of a walk in the rain a lot more than most and I’ve always seen owning an umbrella as pointless. Why did I feel the need to write about the rain?
Because it brings me more joy than most people ever could.
Also Bite me,
I’m still watching all 24 of you!


2 Responses to “Rain, rain don’t go away.”

  1. Did you attend university in California? Your name seems familiar, I just can’t remember from where.

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