I see you there all 24 of you.

Thanks for reading…..
More soon, just thinking of something semi-interesting to write about.
It’s been pretty dead lately, for me personally anyway.
Hope you’ve enjoyed what you’ve read so far, then again if you don’t why would you even read it?
I hate people that complain about the media and yet still continue reading after they’re offended by something. They get more offended then bitch about it. Why even read it? People are idiots.
I saw something recently regarding a story line in a bad but hugely over-rated drama about a baby dying there were so many complaints, Its supposed to be close to reality, babies die, its unfortunate but its a story, maybe even insensitive but you can always change the damn channel. That thing next to you or maybe even in your hand is called a remote control, use it idiot.
Also the 20% rise in V.A.T is a son of a bitch it means amongst other things I must pay more for a sub-standard public service. Yes buses, unsafe, usually late, already over-priced and usually full of idiots. As if it isn’t already stressful enough to make me want to put my own or someone else’s head through a window. People certainly haven’t changed at all……….
Right I know what I’m going to write next about poor service at fast food outlets. Local ones.
Sounds boring I know.
Also what is so fucking hard about giving people specific, correct information when they ask, I’m talking about the government why do some of the most incompetent people in the country work for the government? Wait, derp, the most incompetent people in the country are the government. Stupid question.
Well see all 24 of you soon maybe even 30!
like my birthday or something.


One Response to “I see you there all 24 of you.”

  1. Thanks for the rating whoever you are. People seem shy on here for some reason.

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