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I’d like to take a little time out to clear up a few misconceptions.

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Recently I had been discussing misanthropy with some people, the majority turned out to be idiots. I had expectations, my bad. In any case the first misconception I’m talking about is a reply of one of the aforementioned idiots, the idiot in question said to me “If you’re a misanthrope why are you being social, why do you have friends?”
This is one of the most idiotic statements/questions I have ever come across in my time on the internet.
Just because I hate people doesn’t mean it isn’t necessary to interact with them in order to live in the modern world, I hate people for what they are not who they are and I have ‘friends’ even though sometimes I wonder what they’re good for. People should really learn and understand the meanings of the concept before they open their mouths. It proves beyond reasonable doubt that you’re an idiot.
This sums it up best for me:
“Misanthropes need people; without a steady supply, the misanthrope cannot fully apply his art.”

For the misanthrope people are a necessary evil, no matter how much you hate them you still need them. I don’t like them or trust them for the most part but I’ll be the first to admit that I need them for one reason or another. That in itself annoys me and causes me to hate myself and them even more. Incase you were wondering I do not consider myself to be one of them, maybe biologically we are similar but when it comes to personality and morals we are very different. I try my best to be nothing like them but at the end of the day I am that which I most hate.
Another massively idiotic statement made by another massively idiotic idiot was that misanthropes are defeatist.
Tell me what is defeatist about realising the worst facets of what it is to be human and trying to avoid these failures?
Trying to change and improve is defeatist? I think I smell an idiot…
I personally do not trust most people, I trust a total of three people and rightly so. Why trust someone who is ultimately out for their own advancement and would screw you at any point in time to climb another rung of the ladder?
I am often accused of being hostile, maybe I am? You would be too if you saw the world and it’s people in the same light as I do. I know I’m a unique and special snowflake. In a snow storm. You’re an idiot if you even thought that for a second and you’re not worth my time or the oxygen you breathe. I’m not hostile towards those I respect which is an even shorter list than the one of people I trust. If I am hostile to you I sure as hell don’t respect you.
I am always testing you, you might ask what gives me the right, look at it this way I’d rather save us both precious time. I’m not going to live forever and neither are you. I’m doing us both a favour. Also Yes I do consider some people unworthy of my time, that stems from a sense of superiority that is not unwarranted. Regarding this you will question this statement, it is pointless to do so. You do not know me, you never will and frankly I don’t want you to. You will never see the world as I do, you are not me, you will never understand. If you do congratulations, now you know where to go.


A whole hearted fuck you to JSA.

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Fuck the JSA and relate departments.

Fuck the JSA

I’ve been on job seekers allowance for a short while, not by choice. In fact I avoided it for as long as possible due to the fact that the government has a habit of screwing people alsodue to the fact that I dislike taking money from anyone for many reasons. In short I don’t find taking money from the government acceptable, I would rather have avoided it all together. JSA is a lethal cocktail of idiots and systemic failure. Yes I am pissed off. Here is why.
I was given, not offered, a job by JSA. This job was completely irrelevant to my qualifications. Now maybe I’m an ass, well no I am an ass but I didn’t attend school and college to work in an office. If I work in an office it will be an office of my choice. Anyway, meanwhile I had found 6 jobs relevant to my qualifications and interests which I am currently in the process of applying for. Despite my own efforts the JSA refused me my allowance. They are considering suspending my claim. Now I’m no math wiz but surely if I do not have money then not allowing me to have the funds I use to look for work is counter productive, am I right?
I look for work and do what is required of me, I attend on time and my claim is in no way false, yet I am treated as a criminal by a government agency who are full of idiots, foreign idiots and various other idiots. The agency itself is marred by systemic failure, bending the rules on multiple occasions however they cannot forgive my one error.
I have an african advisor with no idea of her job requirements who has examined my job searches two, if not three times now. If I made an error she could have corrected my mistake a long while ago had she been doing her fucking job. I walk to this place, a mile and a half, in the rain to be told that I’m not getting my allowance because they gave me a job to apply for which was complete crap. I love walks and even rain, its dealing with idiots that I hate. It is funny to me how the government represents some of the worst failures of humanity, not just the central government but also the smaller government branches and departments.
I go there every fucking week, arriving on time, I am polite, courteous, patient and presentable which is more than can be said for the majority of JSA claimants. Also I do not leave the building and put on my work boots, hopping into a van with some inbreds to do cash in hand work while I claim. Not that I care about the claimants, it’s the department of failure I am concerned with.
Anyways, yes I’m pissed off. If this post makes zero sense that is why.
A big fuck you to JSA and related departments.
I finally understand why people shout at them a threaten them etcetera.
As far as I’m concerned they deserve it for being jobsworth idiots.
Yes this is a shitty post but fuck it there’s 24 of you at most, half that, then half it again and I have 6 regulars.
It’d be nice to hear from you….

UPDATE: The coming wednesday I am being personally interviewed about the JSA’s service and I’m going to make them look as bad as I possible can. Karma much?
I’m happy I get to do this, something I actually look forward to!


Rain, rain don’t go away.

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Rain is just wonderful isn’t it, I love the rain. I sit here in my living room smoking my pipe (yes I own a pipe) being the misanthrope I am considering the reasons I love it so much. Here goes:
1.) It has the amazing ability to keep retards off the streets, I love walking in the rain because I can think to myself without being bothered by people asking me annoying questions which range from ‘Can I pinch a cigarette mate?’ to directions or whatever. In the case of A) If you can’t afford cigarettes don’t smoke, if you have some at home then learn some patience and quit begging for cigarettes. In the case of B) Get a god damn map or one of those phones with GPS if you’re a lazy bastard.
2.) I enjoy getting drenched in the rain, rain has this purifying stress relieving quality.
3.) Really this is an extension of two but the sound of rain on my window is somewhat soothing, it helps me sleep, something I do too little these days but trust me she’s totally worth it. I guess I’ll sleep when I’m dead. My Circadian rhythm is fucked up anyways.
4.) Because I have two people in my life that appreciate the rain as much as I do and we can enjoy it together. Enjoying anything with anyone is something of a rarity for me.
5.) Because the people who are out rush for shelter meaning I get left alone. I like that. I want little or nothing to do with most people honestly they’re not worth my time and/or effort.
6.) Some of my best times with friends have been during rainy days, it kind of forces you to be social. Being social once in while isn’t a bad things.
7.) I love coffee. Rain makes me appreciate the warmth of a hot cup of coffee even more.
8.) Because everyone groans and bitches about it, it annoys them therefore it makes me happy. Thank you English weather.

These are just some of the reasons I love rain, I’d love to live in a desert because the solitude appeals to me. As long as I have her I don’t need or want anyone else. The only thing I’d miss is the rain. I do enjoy solitude of a walk in the rain a lot more than most and I’ve always seen owning an umbrella as pointless. Why did I feel the need to write about the rain?
Because it brings me more joy than most people ever could.
Also Bite me,
I’m still watching all 24 of you!

Take away food woes.

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Misanthropy fuel.

I like most other people can be lazy when it comes to food but fuck do I pay for that laziness.

I love cooking in fact it stops me from wanting to kill people most times, therapeutic almost, nothing better than cooking with a beer in hand and cigarette in the ashtray. I’m a whiskey and cigarette kinda guy but that’s another story. Anyway I am lazy at times or at 10pm I can’t be bothered to cook in other words, in the event of this I can A)order out an expensive meal from over-priced/poor quality but well-known establishments or B) From my local take-away food outlets. Being cheap and for convenience I decide to get my food from the local outlets. I decide to get Pizza from one of London’s lovely chicken shops. Big fucking mistake, here’s why:
1)The food changes constantly, well the suppliers do therefore the food is different. I occasionally enjoy a chicken burger when the burgers go from 1.5cm in thickness to 0.5cm I think what the fuck am I paying for? I know spicy wings are small however these look like spicy twigs, again what the fuck am I paying for. Also pizza needs a fucking tomato base, a decent amount covering the fucking dough! Don’t scrimp to save money, you cheap bastards. I know I have a choice here but next time I’ll just pay way over par for food that is only a little better or better yet cook. I’m a lazy bastard sometimes, oh well, I do it to myself.
2)I am killing myself with this crap, no escaping that one.
3)The service is piss poor, then again I’d expect that from the kind of idiot it takes to work in one if these places, not saying they’re all idiots, just most of them.
The thing that really annoys me is number three, here’s why:
Is it so fucking difficult to remember my order?  I mean I’m in your face clearly telling you what I want, checking and then checking once more to see if you’ve got it, how can you fuck that up? Then again they’re not english but if you’re in my country for fuck’s sake learn my language and how to communicate in it. Also you write it down in a pad it is in your god damn face how can you mess that up. My order was plain meaning nothing had to be done to it, yet you still put mayo and lettuce on it even though I specifically instruct you not too, check, then check again to see if you got it. Do you want a fucking diagram and a graph. Their stupidity pisses me off. I know you’re under pressure, your job is so fucking hard. I understand people make mistakes but seriously the amount of mistakes they’ve made is epic. One time I ordered, waited to pay, added more to the order after and they gave it all to me, I didn’t even pay. That is retarded. You also begrudge me extra cheese on my pizza yet you’ll allow me to leave with £15 worth of food without realising. They weren’t even busy. The final part of this post is the small talk, I appreciate your concern but I don’t really want to talk to you. This isn’t because I think I’m better or some bullshit, it is because I am a misanthrope, duh!
Seriously though, I don’t want to hear about your day or anything you have to say for that matter. I don’t want to hear your political views if you can’t even make a chicken burger correctly. First you get my order right then maybe, just maybe, we’ll talk sally.
Who knew fast food fuelled Misanthropy?




I see you there all 24 of you.

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Thanks for reading…..
More soon, just thinking of something semi-interesting to write about.
It’s been pretty dead lately, for me personally anyway.
Hope you’ve enjoyed what you’ve read so far, then again if you don’t why would you even read it?
I hate people that complain about the media and yet still continue reading after they’re offended by something. They get more offended then bitch about it. Why even read it? People are idiots.
I saw something recently regarding a story line in a bad but hugely over-rated drama about a baby dying there were so many complaints, Its supposed to be close to reality, babies die, its unfortunate but its a story, maybe even insensitive but you can always change the damn channel. That thing next to you or maybe even in your hand is called a remote control, use it idiot.
Also the 20% rise in V.A.T is a son of a bitch it means amongst other things I must pay more for a sub-standard public service. Yes buses, unsafe, usually late, already over-priced and usually full of idiots. As if it isn’t already stressful enough to make me want to put my own or someone else’s head through a window. People certainly haven’t changed at all……….
Right I know what I’m going to write next about poor service at fast food outlets. Local ones.
Sounds boring I know.
Also what is so fucking hard about giving people specific, correct information when they ask, I’m talking about the government why do some of the most incompetent people in the country work for the government? Wait, derp, the most incompetent people in the country are the government. Stupid question.
Well see all 24 of you soon maybe even 30!
like my birthday or something.