Setting sun deals hands of gold.

Hands of gold.

I said I wasn’t going to attempt a Christmas article, largely because I’ve seen one that is already perfect in addressing the worst thing about the entire period. Also due to the fact that it is past Christmas and I was to busy/ couldn’t be bothered during. Although I’ve saved Christmas I promised no such grace to the New Year. So here goes…
I have been thinking about the New Year in my spare time, mainly due to the fact that I’ve been up almost every night since and slept entire days away. Also the fact that Smirnoff and various energy drinks keep me awake. Its been quite good. I just wish I’d spent more time with her. I find myself first looking at the New Year firstly thinking to myself ‘what fresh hell is this.’ I have good reason to. Then I consider with the sun setting on New Years Eve one thing is certain, the new year will bring about change and change no matter how hard we resist it is inevitable. Change brings about opportunity and opportunity allows for good things to occur. That setting sun deals hands of gold. It is up to you to keep your eyes open, your mind about you and utilise the opportunities presented to you. I hate one thing more than anything. Its people who will sit around and complain that their life is shit then refuse to act upon it or even attempt to improve their situation. If I know you and I am relatively interested in you as a person I am likely to lose all interest the moment you begin to show any signs of being this way. These are some of the worst people imaginable. I find them idiotic, stressful and mainly a waste of life. This is a human trait I very much despise.
This year promises to be one of the most important years of my life. I’ve partied, pretty much done it all before I was supposed too. Opportunity presented itself and I took it, I am richer for the experience. See how this works now? So yeah, my point being I haven’t done it all but I’ve done enough to realise its just not worth it. This year I have the opportunity to lay the foundations of my new life. It will get me out of this hell hole in which I’m currently situated and on to better things. Maybe someday some kids but that is a different article. The ends has presented itself, I have planned my means, my system, I just require an appropriate opportunity to present itself. One thing I have had to learn is patience. I am convinced this new year brings these hands of gold to the table, the specific opportunities I require to advance forward in my life. I must take these opportunities as they present themselves. I also look forward to posting here more and the fact I may even receive some correspondence from readers. I have plans for some more articles to give all three of you to read. Whoever you are, wherever you are I appreciate that you’re reading.

I have spent many a New Year’s Eve drink in hand as the clock strikes twelve, far from sober watching as the old year passes me by, then waving to it in a bitter salute to my failures. I take them hard as I don’t like to make the same mistake twice. This year change has already began seeing as I don’t feel trapped I see opportunity, advancement and prospects in the near future. I have nothing to be bitter about as such. I can hate everyone with being bitter you know!
Oh wells, haters gonna hate. Have A Happy New Years from AM and don’t let those opportunities pass you by or you’ll regret it. Have a good one, stay safe and keep hating.


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