If I can’t sing my blues then can I drink my booze?

Sitting up at night I’ve had plenty of time to think as she sleeps, it’s really cute when she tells me she loves me in her sleep. I’ve been depriving myself of sleep and drinking at obscure times of the morning, eating all manner of foods. Partying the nights away with music, booze, food the occasional cigarette has been all fun and good until she’s sleeping and I’m left with my thoughts. Usually I don’t get lonely but I’ve started too. I fucking hate it but it seems to be a logical indicator of how much she means to me, as if I needed to confirm that.

The New Year is approaching and aside from the hands of gold mentioned in the previous article I can already see some shit forecast for next year some of this is as follows:
-People will not change.
They almost certainly never do, situations will change, however people will not. If you’re one of those people out there hopelessly trying to change a person, give up now, it’s a waste of your time and theirs. The only time someone changes if they consciously decide to and even then it can be argued that they never really changed as people just adapted to new circumstance. In short, I don’t expect people to be any better than before.

-My own country is still a shit storm
It’s not exactly a war zone but we’re in shit, economic shit for a start. Need I explain economic downturn, or the job market? Well I’m not going to, so google it. We’re also in a sea of shit from our coalition government that aren’t worth their salaries. A friend of mine recently said he lost all faith in politics. I envied him somewhat. When I was not educated about it, it didn’t concern me. It was important but not necessary to me. I didn’t want to be involved in it. As I became educated in it I wanted even less to do with it. I never had faith in it in the first place. I envy the fact that he at one time had faith in this system. I am big on systems but this system has been flawed since it left its roots in ancient Greece with expansion into the larger populations it became less effective. I’ve always seen to many flaws in modern politics and therefore never maintained any sort of faith in it.

-The international climate is set to get hot.
We’re looking at a shit storm in the new year, international relations have been damaged and there is probably little or no trust between nations. This will affect all international relations. Wikileaks have been good for informing the public of the actions of their governments and better educating the general public in international relations. It has made transparent the way governments really work. All of this is great but we have yet to see any real repercussions of the wikileaks scandal. Will it be of more harm than good.

-Film is not set to improve.
I have had a problem with film for some time now, I haven’t been to a cinema or watched a recent film in some time. Any films I do catch are always watched months or even years after they’re released. I just haven’t seen a film that warrants me to pay way over price for the experience of sharing my seat with some obese man’s left bingo wing. Also we’ve all been on a date in a cinema, and lip-wrestled in the back but I don’t want to hear your fucking lips smacking together like you’re chewing after Botox while I’m trying to watch my moving picture. I usually guess the ending of a film most of the time it makes it pointless to watch.

-Music will be as bad as before.
We’re set for some good music but the majority of it will be poor, especially the UK’s various music scenes.
Thank god I own all the music I like.  No doubt Simon Cowell will be putting out more shit this year and people like my friend will be trying to get obscure songs into the number one downloads spot in protest. He chose ‘The bird is the word.’ I hate this song, I’m happy he failed or I think I’d have to kill him. I couldn’t stand it for a whole Christmas without flying into some sort of rage.

-Video games.
Yes I occasionally play the vidya but there is a huge problem with video games for me, see various points from music and film.

See people.

In conclusion I’d say that there is room for some improvement in the New Year but some things will be as shite as ever. Some things will even get worse. Sometimes It’s hard to the see the good in amongst the bad. Being a pessimist as seeing mostly bad I know this better than most. You must keep your eyes open and notice opportunity as it arises. One of my biggest problems at the moment is that stuck feeling, when you know you have something you have to do, you know how to succeed but your stuck on the starting line until that shot rings out and that perfect opportunity presents itself. You must also be careful not to start to fast or you’ll just end up sent back to that starting line. So yeah, I’m demonstrating some patience and I am bad at it. In fact its killing me a little knowing its all around that corner and all I can do for now is wait. Also being away from her sucks. When I get her she’s going to get it. A lot sucks, in fact I can safely say almost everything sucks. By that logical almost everything can only get better right?
I think I’ll open another beer for now.


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