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Vegan also known as fundementally idotic.

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I have had a little bone to pick (see what I did there) with vegans and vegetarians alike, pale legions of them campaign for the rights of animals and avoid any animal products. In my own opinion animals have the right to be cute and/or tasty. If you haven’t guessed yet I find the whole notion of not eating meat to be idiotic at best. Vegans are almost as retarded as religion nowadays. Basically I don’t care if you are lacto-ovo or any sub-type, you are still an idiot.
The first reason for this being that you, as a human are an omnivore by nature, those sharp canines you have are specifically designed for eating MEAT!
Another reason veggies are retarded is that their lifestyle seems to have detrimental effects on their over-all health some of the best include:
The diet puts you at risk of heart disease without B12 supplements.
It may also be a partial cause of Alzheimer’s disease.
It may be linked to osteoporosis and some other bone disorders.
CVD (cardio-vascular diseases)
Birth defects and many more interesting ones…….
These idiots are more likely to die from neurological/ mental diseases. Twice as likely. Basically if you are going to be an idiot, supplement your vitamin B12 and B6. If the research on homocysteine is correct you may just save your own life.
Vegetarian lifestyle leaves you weak, pale, boring and stuffs that empty space between your ears with many misconceptions Vegan brainwashing works on the same principles as the brainwashing used by Scientology. You’ll join a cult like PETA and eventually get married to a cow or some other farm animal. Now I must admit I can see some clear benefits from the diet, however, they all look like zombies from the resident evil series with a deep yearning for flesh. Secretly they all want a big mac or some McNuggets.
They annoyingly chant their mantra ‘ Meat is Murder’ Um, yeah about that, we have been murdering animals (including humans) and eating their meat for millions of years why stop now? Your ancestors or incestors, depending on where you are from, have been hunting and munching critters for a long time. If we were all vegans we’d have died out long ago. When I see things like this and other idiocy occurring I sometimes wish we had. The worst and most retarded vegans are the ones that force their poor children into it. They are effectively retarding their child’s mental and physical development. These are the worst kind of people. Being a vegan is a bad choice and a stupid one at that, it goes against the law of nature in my eyes. Just another kind of pretentious idiot living a lie, you might as well sign up for Scientology today.
It’s okay because I am a smoker and I’ll probably die a slow and painful death, so smile, you’ll just waste away. Hopefully they’ll feed you meat in your care home.