Reality TV sucks.

I thought I’d talk about something I have hated ever since Big Brother crashed onto our screens showing humanity in a dimmer light than ever before. I will begin with the much hated BB, this is a perfect example of how it is far from real.
A  bigot is put in a house with an indian woman, of course they are going to disagree. Firstly there’s a culture clash and the bigot, being a bigot is going to use a racial slur in an argument with an indian woman. This much is obvious, situations like this in reality television are engineered and along with the drama these people bring with them, the emotional stress of being in a locked in a house with strangers is bound to trigger some nasty situations.
Thankfully as quickly is it crashed onto screens it burned out.
My point is reality television sucks, from BB to Strictly come dancing, X factor and all in between. It either shows people being idiots or we see some sob story in a talent competition. It is sick how the nation can be captivated by human suffering, a tear-jerker or blatant stupidity laid bare for all to see.
Another show that is a waste of life is X factor, how is it that everybody is fascinated by this steaming pile of crap? There are three judges, only one of whom is qualified to judge musical talent, Simon Cowell. This man is the epitome of smug and has pretty much turned X factor into his own show. The other reason this show sucks is that where it pulls in millions of idiots per evening it has become a platform to launch existing artists to number one, shouldn’t you be making some hopeful idiot’s musical career not forwarding your own Cheryl? Also how is it that two twins can get so far simply because people like them, they have no talent what so ever. The worst part about the whole thing is that in the end, after dreams are shattered and the drama is over Simon Cowell takes a huge percentage of the winners earnings then dumps them after a year or two of no success.
Strictly and dancing on ice, another waste of time, what could be so interesting about dancing and even more so ice skating. Yet this crap pulls in loads of idiot viewers, it even got real spicy recently with its own race scandal. It seems even something like ballroom dancing or figure skating is not immune to exploitation.
I have even read up on a new series, definitely one to miss, they send cameras into the home of an Indian family to record the daily goings on. Add a dash of drama ( a rift in the family) and you’ve got the same crap only on a different channel.
Looks like I’ll be sticking to comedy or the discovery channel!
Why is there even a license fee for this crap.


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