Most people are vampires

A though occurred to me earlier today, it was about how people are vampires, after taking more time to think about this I came up with some reasons:
1) People who are your friends are probably using you, this is not restricted to physically or financially but can extend to emotionally (i.e. you make them feel better about themselves)
2) Ever noticed how friendships can last a long time, until they get a better offer. By this I mean that if they got an opportunity of a better job, which would mean moving away they’ll take it and since they don’t need you anymore they won’t contact you again.
3) This is really an extension of two, your friend meets a girl or guy and suddenly they don’t see you anymore or even call. This means they have used you, no longer need you, and are now moving on.
4) People are unnecessarily dishonest, even when the truth best serves them. It’s as if they lie to lure you in, so that they can drain the life from you.
5) People are always out for themselves, or in other cases a small clique’ with whom they share interest and anybody who doesn’t agree with them must be assimilated. Like vampires.
6) These people, being your friends will have a lot of your time and effort vested into them but they always seem to hunger for more, be it attention, time or whatever only to leave you alone in your darkest hour.
7) Another thing is that if you are ignorant/ tolerant toward their ways you will, by allowing it to occur begin to act in a similar fashion. Before you know it you are one of them and besides it’s so simple.
Do not to be Vampires, there is no need to use people and be unnecessarily dishonest to those you call your kin. If you want to be like the idiot masses then be gone but those who see this is not the way to live are truly visionaries in their own right, if there were more like us the world would be a better place. This prevailing vampirism is yet another reason why I hate People.
Hating people at a place near you.


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