AM Hates: Social networking. Part one.

For a start, incase you’re wondering, I am one anti-social son of a bitch and in this age who can blame me. I don’t currently posses a mobile phone and I don’t really want to, who actually wants anyone to be able to contact them at any time?
This brings me to the subject of this edition of AM hates, Social networking. Facebook is used by almost everyone, I’m currently the only person I am aware of who does not have a profile. I never will either. My principal reason for not having a profile is that social interaction (the very thing FB is supposed to promote) is marred by its very existence. You are not being social if you are sitting at a computer screen. I don’t care if you are communicating. I also pose these questions to you dear reader. How many people on your friends list do you actually know? How many do you actually interact with daily?
In my eyes the whole social networking phenomena comes down to vanity. Look at me! See how my life is so much better than yours, look at my girlfriend, see my new car, see how much I earn. It’s sick. Frankly I couldn’t give two shits about you, your car or your life in general. I don’t need Facebook friends, I have friends and they annoy me enough when I see them without them E-stalking me too. My other reason is Failbook drama, if I didn’t like you at school and you weren’t my friend I wouldn’t add you. If you’re to stupid to realise I never liked you, which I made clear, you’re an idiot and I’d rather avoid the drama. The whole Social networking thing is just beyond me. Why would you subject yourself to it all? I know why, you crave attention among many other reasons to display your entire life for anyone to see.
The one thing I hate more than the whole phenomena are the people who try to make you get one, I have everyone asking me to get one. I have had people try to make one for me and I have never caved and never will. As if I want my girlfriend’s friends asking me all sorts of crap and having people check me out. I don’t need the harassment. I won’t get one, stop asking. The other thing, Facebook games, Farmville is one thing I fucking hate. It’s a waste of life, grow some real damn crops in your fucking garden retard.
Part two coming soon,


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