AM Hates: The smoking ban.

This subject is a favourite of mine, one thing I really hate is the smoking ban. When I began smoking I was able to sit in a pub and enjoy a cigarette with my beer or double Jack D, now you can’t smoke anywhere without some idiot (usually non-smoker because any smoker who tells me not to smoke goes into the hypocritical idiot category) moaning because you’re ruining their health or some other excuse that doesn’t concern me. I know the effects, fuck, I studied it. There’s nothing you can say to shock me into stopping. I’ll quit when I damn well feel like it. I’ve seen the cancer pictures (looks like a crab, ironically amusing actually) If we want to passively commit suicide then let us, what the hell do you care anyway, in short, you don’t care at all. It’s just another way for the little man to feel big, taking away another’s little vice, makes them feel somewhat empowered. It’s sick but then again people are sick in general. I’ve always responded to the idiots in question with this answer that really puts my view of the world and the individual in question into perspective .
‘If I were to get cancer, I’d probably die however if I die I won’t have to deal with any more idiots such as yourself’
People will always smoke, smokers in general live in the moment. Why worry about cancer when I could get stabbed, shot or hit by a car? Not to mention the countless other ways to die. I for one applaud the French, they may suck at war but they sure know how to get their own way. They stood up to this ban, why didn’t we?
To many people are worried about the consequences of flouting the ban, I do it almost daily and never get caught. My last day of school, I lit a cigarette and walked out smoking it. Nothing was said, when it comes down to it nobody gives a shit about smoking except for some anal idiots mentioned above. If you are aforementioned anal idiot please challenge my perspective, I invite a logical and coherent challenge. If you’re going to pull the usual crap don’t waste my time. In my experience of flouting the ban as long as you are not bothering anyone they shouldn’t say a word.
I’m currently considering quitting, I know the consequences of smoking and things in my life have changed. I’m wanting to have children so I want to be there for them and the woman who is giving me the greatest gift a woman can possibly give. This is a logical reason for quitting. You see what I’m saying about logical reasons for quitting now? When I quit it won’t be for myself, I’m self-destructive yet selfless. How good is that. So yes I’ll be giving up the ghost. I will declare proudly that I will never regret one puff, I refuse to be one of the idiots who treats an addiction to smoking like an addiction to illicit substances. In my opinion they are two very different things. I do not need professional help to quit cigarettes.  Anyone who does is weak-willed and weak-minded.
The whole smoking ban is just a shambles, as a law it isn’t enforced and an infringement of my freedoms. Usually the human rights act is used to meet idiotic ends so why can It not be my human right to smoke? In my opinion it’d be one of the few times this act has been put to good use. Smoking for me is a pleasure and in this world these are few and far between, who the hell are you to take it away from me?
I dislike most people but the idiots who attempt to force people to quit are wasting their lives. The term idiots in this case encompasses all those who supported the ban and those who got it passed. Smoking is my right as a free man. Even thought I will be quitting I will always hate this majority especially.


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