The Friendship is sinking and there’s nothing to save.

A metaphor for our collective friendship.

To give you an Idea of my group of friends, friend is a term I use very loosely. We’ve known each other for a long period of time and we’ve shared many experiences, so I call them my friends. Being misanthropic I don’t find many connections, usually I don’t want to share anything or find anything in common with people. So the connections I do find I try to maintain. This brings me to my point. The people whom I, once, I considered my friends are idiots. I realised that we were a group of misfits, with one thing in common which was the fact that we didn’t fit in. Time has gone by and naturally, having nothing in common we have migrated and joined our own little groups. Some are whipped little Sallies, another has joined a group younger than him in order to cultivate the attention and admiration he so badly desires. You get the idea.  At one time there were twelve of us.
I, even as young as I was back then, became aware of the fact that the friend-ship was going to sink. Guess what, I was right again. I have kept in touch with three of them, the rest I’m filing under shit I don’t care about. It’s a huge folder.
Anyways this has happened, as predicted. It’s funny, I was the only one with ambition and the only one who had the brain to act upon my ambitions. People call me an asshole, I call me proactive. They wondered why I was always honest with them, I told them I’d drop them as soon as possible. My second point being that in my own experience, friendship is not worth the trouble. You help someone, you befriend them, when their problems are solved they leave you forever. That is the natural course of friendship and in my opinion the effort is not worth the result, therefore friendships as a general rule are a waste of life. I rarely concern myself with them. In most cases friendship is a waste of time, however there are two or three that will be with you for life. In short I made a bad choice when it came to my friends. For me one of mine is my angel, we’re a lot alike, she gets me and she doesn’t wear rosey tinted glasses. She’s one of the few that see things as they really are and it’s just one of the things I love her for. Imagine going from having nobody to finding the perfect partner, she’s my best friend and everything to me. There’s a lot I hate but I could never hate her. Friends are far from forever. Everything is conditional, even love.


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  1. I can’t help noticing 9 people have viewed this and not one, good post, bad post or anything. Audience participation? Anyone?

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