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Most people are vampires

Posted in Misanthropy, People on October 18, 2010 by MISANTHROPIST

A though occurred to me earlier today, it was about how people are vampires, after taking more time to think about this I came up with some reasons:
1) People who are your friends are probably using you, this is not restricted to physically or financially but can extend to emotionally (i.e. you make them feel better about themselves)
2) Ever noticed how friendships can last a long time, until they get a better offer. By this I mean that if they got an opportunity of a better job, which would mean moving away they’ll take it and since they don’t need you anymore they won’t contact you again.
3) This is really an extension of two, your friend meets a girl or guy and suddenly they don’t see you anymore or even call. This means they have used you, no longer need you, and are now moving on.
4) People are unnecessarily dishonest, even when the truth best serves them. It’s as if they lie to lure you in, so that they can drain the life from you.
5) People are always out for themselves, or in other cases a small clique’ with whom they share interest and anybody who doesn’t agree with them must be assimilated. Like vampires.
6) These people, being your friends will have a lot of your time and effort vested into them but they always seem to hunger for more, be it attention, time or whatever only to leave you alone in your darkest hour.
7) Another thing is that if you are ignorant/ tolerant toward their ways you will, by allowing it to occur begin to act in a similar fashion. Before you know it you are one of them and besides it’s so simple.
Do not to be Vampires, there is no need to use people and be unnecessarily dishonest to those you call your kin. If you want to be like the idiot masses then be gone but those who see this is not the way to live are truly visionaries in their own right, if there were more like us the world would be a better place. This prevailing vampirism is yet another reason why I hate People.
Hating people at a place near you.


Reality TV sucks.

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I thought I’d talk about something I have hated ever since Big Brother crashed onto our screens showing humanity in a dimmer light than ever before. I will begin with the much hated BB, this is a perfect example of how it is far from real.
A  bigot is put in a house with an indian woman, of course they are going to disagree. Firstly there’s a culture clash and the bigot, being a bigot is going to use a racial slur in an argument with an indian woman. This much is obvious, situations like this in reality television are engineered and along with the drama these people bring with them, the emotional stress of being in a locked in a house with strangers is bound to trigger some nasty situations.
Thankfully as quickly is it crashed onto screens it burned out.
My point is reality television sucks, from BB to Strictly come dancing, X factor and all in between. It either shows people being idiots or we see some sob story in a talent competition. It is sick how the nation can be captivated by human suffering, a tear-jerker or blatant stupidity laid bare for all to see.
Another show that is a waste of life is X factor, how is it that everybody is fascinated by this steaming pile of crap? There are three judges, only one of whom is qualified to judge musical talent, Simon Cowell. This man is the epitome of smug and has pretty much turned X factor into his own show. The other reason this show sucks is that where it pulls in millions of idiots per evening it has become a platform to launch existing artists to number one, shouldn’t you be making some hopeful idiot’s musical career not forwarding your own Cheryl? Also how is it that two twins can get so far simply because people like them, they have no talent what so ever. The worst part about the whole thing is that in the end, after dreams are shattered and the drama is over Simon Cowell takes a huge percentage of the winners earnings then dumps them after a year or two of no success.
Strictly and dancing on ice, another waste of time, what could be so interesting about dancing and even more so ice skating. Yet this crap pulls in loads of idiot viewers, it even got real spicy recently with its own race scandal. It seems even something like ballroom dancing or figure skating is not immune to exploitation.
I have even read up on a new series, definitely one to miss, they send cameras into the home of an Indian family to record the daily goings on. Add a dash of drama ( a rift in the family) and you’ve got the same crap only on a different channel.
Looks like I’ll be sticking to comedy or the discovery channel!
Why is there even a license fee for this crap.

AM Hates: Social networking. Part one.

Posted in AM Hates: on October 11, 2010 by MISANTHROPIST

For a start, incase you’re wondering, I am one anti-social son of a bitch and in this age who can blame me. I don’t currently posses a mobile phone and I don’t really want to, who actually wants anyone to be able to contact them at any time?
This brings me to the subject of this edition of AM hates, Social networking. Facebook is used by almost everyone, I’m currently the only person I am aware of who does not have a profile. I never will either. My principal reason for not having a profile is that social interaction (the very thing FB is supposed to promote) is marred by its very existence. You are not being social if you are sitting at a computer screen. I don’t care if you are communicating. I also pose these questions to you dear reader. How many people on your friends list do you actually know? How many do you actually interact with daily?
In my eyes the whole social networking phenomena comes down to vanity. Look at me! See how my life is so much better than yours, look at my girlfriend, see my new car, see how much I earn. It’s sick. Frankly I couldn’t give two shits about you, your car or your life in general. I don’t need Facebook friends, I have friends and they annoy me enough when I see them without them E-stalking me too. My other reason is Failbook drama, if I didn’t like you at school and you weren’t my friend I wouldn’t add you. If you’re to stupid to realise I never liked you, which I made clear, you’re an idiot and I’d rather avoid the drama. The whole Social networking thing is just beyond me. Why would you subject yourself to it all? I know why, you crave attention among many other reasons to display your entire life for anyone to see.
The one thing I hate more than the whole phenomena are the people who try to make you get one, I have everyone asking me to get one. I have had people try to make one for me and I have never caved and never will. As if I want my girlfriend’s friends asking me all sorts of crap and having people check me out. I don’t need the harassment. I won’t get one, stop asking. The other thing, Facebook games, Farmville is one thing I fucking hate. It’s a waste of life, grow some real damn crops in your fucking garden retard.
Part two coming soon,

AM Hates: The smoking ban.

Posted in AM Hates: on October 10, 2010 by MISANTHROPIST

This subject is a favourite of mine, one thing I really hate is the smoking ban. When I began smoking I was able to sit in a pub and enjoy a cigarette with my beer or double Jack D, now you can’t smoke anywhere without some idiot (usually non-smoker because any smoker who tells me not to smoke goes into the hypocritical idiot category) moaning because you’re ruining their health or some other excuse that doesn’t concern me. I know the effects, fuck, I studied it. There’s nothing you can say to shock me into stopping. I’ll quit when I damn well feel like it. I’ve seen the cancer pictures (looks like a crab, ironically amusing actually) If we want to passively commit suicide then let us, what the hell do you care anyway, in short, you don’t care at all. It’s just another way for the little man to feel big, taking away another’s little vice, makes them feel somewhat empowered. It’s sick but then again people are sick in general. I’ve always responded to the idiots in question with this answer that really puts my view of the world and the individual in question into perspective .
‘If I were to get cancer, I’d probably die however if I die I won’t have to deal with any more idiots such as yourself’
People will always smoke, smokers in general live in the moment. Why worry about cancer when I could get stabbed, shot or hit by a car? Not to mention the countless other ways to die. I for one applaud the French, they may suck at war but they sure know how to get their own way. They stood up to this ban, why didn’t we?
To many people are worried about the consequences of flouting the ban, I do it almost daily and never get caught. My last day of school, I lit a cigarette and walked out smoking it. Nothing was said, when it comes down to it nobody gives a shit about smoking except for some anal idiots mentioned above. If you are aforementioned anal idiot please challenge my perspective, I invite a logical and coherent challenge. If you’re going to pull the usual crap don’t waste my time. In my experience of flouting the ban as long as you are not bothering anyone they shouldn’t say a word.
I’m currently considering quitting, I know the consequences of smoking and things in my life have changed. I’m wanting to have children so I want to be there for them and the woman who is giving me the greatest gift a woman can possibly give. This is a logical reason for quitting. You see what I’m saying about logical reasons for quitting now? When I quit it won’t be for myself, I’m self-destructive yet selfless. How good is that. So yes I’ll be giving up the ghost. I will declare proudly that I will never regret one puff, I refuse to be one of the idiots who treats an addiction to smoking like an addiction to illicit substances. In my opinion they are two very different things. I do not need professional help to quit cigarettes.  Anyone who does is weak-willed and weak-minded.
The whole smoking ban is just a shambles, as a law it isn’t enforced and an infringement of my freedoms. Usually the human rights act is used to meet idiotic ends so why can It not be my human right to smoke? In my opinion it’d be one of the few times this act has been put to good use. Smoking for me is a pleasure and in this world these are few and far between, who the hell are you to take it away from me?
I dislike most people but the idiots who attempt to force people to quit are wasting their lives. The term idiots in this case encompasses all those who supported the ban and those who got it passed. Smoking is my right as a free man. Even thought I will be quitting I will always hate this majority especially.

The Friendship is sinking and there’s nothing to save.

Posted in Misanthropy on October 7, 2010 by MISANTHROPIST

A metaphor for our collective friendship.

To give you an Idea of my group of friends, friend is a term I use very loosely. We’ve known each other for a long period of time and we’ve shared many experiences, so I call them my friends. Being misanthropic I don’t find many connections, usually I don’t want to share anything or find anything in common with people. So the connections I do find I try to maintain. This brings me to my point. The people whom I, once, I considered my friends are idiots. I realised that we were a group of misfits, with one thing in common which was the fact that we didn’t fit in. Time has gone by and naturally, having nothing in common we have migrated and joined our own little groups. Some are whipped little Sallies, another has joined a group younger than him in order to cultivate the attention and admiration he so badly desires. You get the idea.  At one time there were twelve of us.
I, even as young as I was back then, became aware of the fact that the friend-ship was going to sink. Guess what, I was right again. I have kept in touch with three of them, the rest I’m filing under shit I don’t care about. It’s a huge folder.
Anyways this has happened, as predicted. It’s funny, I was the only one with ambition and the only one who had the brain to act upon my ambitions. People call me an asshole, I call me proactive. They wondered why I was always honest with them, I told them I’d drop them as soon as possible. My second point being that in my own experience, friendship is not worth the trouble. You help someone, you befriend them, when their problems are solved they leave you forever. That is the natural course of friendship and in my opinion the effort is not worth the result, therefore friendships as a general rule are a waste of life. I rarely concern myself with them. In most cases friendship is a waste of time, however there are two or three that will be with you for life. In short I made a bad choice when it came to my friends. For me one of mine is my angel, we’re a lot alike, she gets me and she doesn’t wear rosey tinted glasses. She’s one of the few that see things as they really are and it’s just one of the things I love her for. Imagine going from having nobody to finding the perfect partner, she’s my best friend and everything to me. There’s a lot I hate but I could never hate her. Friends are far from forever. Everything is conditional, even love.

Welcome to my world…….

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If you’re new here and you don’t like what you’ve seen so far, leave. You don’t like this and I sure as hell don’t like you. Save you and me a lot of crap, leave, never return. You can’t wish me away. For those of you whom are interested, stay a while, read, laugh at how fucked up we are as a species. To sum up my misanthropy in two quotes:

Principally I hate and detest that animal called man; although I heartily love John, Peter, Thomas, and so forth.
Johnathan Swift.
When we have ceased to love the stench of the human animal, either in others or in ourselves, then are we condemned to misery, and clear thinking can begin.
Cyril Connoly.
To answer a further question, In part, I was inspired by Misanthropy Today by a Mr. Andy Fox. You’ll come to realise that This Blog and misanthropy today are two very different blogs. If you care to stay and listen you may learn something. Have fun. I believe this is the part where I’m supposed to toot my horn about my life and intelligence, well mary-sue/ john doe it’s just not going to happen…..
Welcome to my world,